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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Hittite chariots and Hatussa

Here are some photos of my Hittite chariots and photos of ancient Hatussa, the Hittite capital, which we visited on our recent trip to Turkey. My Hittite army just gets larger and larger - I recently added some of the gorgeous Cutting Edge Miniatures  chariots and also have some Newline chariots in the collection. These chariots are a nice mix of figures – Foundry, Old Glory, and Ral Partha/Iron Wind. The Hittites are one of my favourite biblical armies and I’ll post more photos of figures, sites and artifacts, at some stage.

When we were in Turkey we visited Hittite sites at Boğazkale or Boğazköy (Hatussa), Yazilikaya (nearby rock sanctuary), Alca Höyük and Ortaköy- Şapinuva. We also visited some great museums with amazing Hittite collections including the Istanbul archaeological museums, Boğazköy Museum (Boğazkale ),  Çorum Museum and the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara. Boğazkale like Mycenae, is in a really impressive and dramatic location, surrounded by sheer cliffs and a gorge.  

Reconstructed tower and walls at Hatussa

Excavations in the Great Temple
Storage jars in the Great Temple

The Green Stone

The Lion Basin

Excavations below Sarikale (Yellow Fortress)

The Lion Gate

Postern of Yerkapi

Staircase to the top of Yerkapi rampart

The King's Gate

The Great King Shupiluliuma II - Chamber 2, the Hieroglyph Chamber

Luvian Hieroglyphs at Nisantas

Yazilikaya - sequence of Godesses on the right side of Chamber A

Yazilikaya - inner part of Chamber A

The Twelve Gods of the Underworld in Chamber B

The Great King Tudhaliya IV, embraced by his protective god Sarrumma


  1. Great looking figures and really fantastic photos, thanks for posting them.

  2. love those chariots the pics are great very interesting!

  3. Thanks Ray and Willie, Hatussa is an interesting site to visit.


  4. Great looking army and those pics in Turkey are great! Wish I could do a vacation like that.


  5. Thanks Christopher. Turkey has so much to see it's hard to fit it all in!


  6. I would love to have a look around turkey one day, and I think I need another biblical army!!!


  7. Thanks guys. Matt it's a great place to visit and of course you need another biblical army! John I'll post some photos of other sites we visited in Turkey shortly.