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Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Thorakitai by Gripping Beast/Polemarch

Companions screened by Peltasts with Thureophoroi on their flank

Thureophoroi by Gripping Beast/Polemarch

More Companions and Peltasts

Close up shot of the Companions - A&A and Foundry

Thureophoroi with a nice Castaway Arts baggage train behind

Seeing as it is my final post for the year, I thought I'd post some photos of a Successor army of the Kingdom of Pergamon, painted by Nathan Vinson together with photos of the actual ancient site of Pergamon (modern Bergama in Turkey). I took the photos of Nathan's army at Matt (Bluewillow) Williamson's Ides of March WAB comp earlier in the year and the photos of Pergamon in August. Nathan is a very talented painter and has some really inspiring photos of wargames of all periods on his blog Lonely Gamers. Check it out if you haven't already done so!

The Kingdom of Pergamon under the Attalid dynasty 281-133 BC was prominent in the Hellenistic period. The town suffered under the Roman Republic but then went on to enjoy periods of prosperity under the Roman Empire.The site is an Acropolis on a really impressive, steep hill which even has a cable car for tourists to get to the summit. Other attractions in the town of Bergama include the the ancient healing centre of the Asclepion, the Archaeological Museum and the Red Basilica or Serapeion (Temple of Egyptian Gods).

View from the Acropolis of Pergamon down to Bergama

Acropolis theatre and terrace

Trajan's Temple

Carvings on the pediment of Trajan's Temple

The Altar of Zeus

View from the terrace up to the Acropolis

The ancient road looking up to the Acropolis

Marble Hall shrine (heroon) near the Small Gymnasium

Helmet relief in the shrine

Rooster relief in the shrine

Descending the ancient road

Mosaic in Demeter's Sacred Square

Hera's Sacred Square and Gymnasium

Stone shot for ballistae

Hellenistic bust - Bergama Archaeological Museum

Hellenistic coins - Bergama Archaeological Museum

The Sacred Road of the Asclepion with the Acropolis visible on the hill

Turtles in the Asclepion


  1. That's a nice looking army and really enjoy the pics!


  2. Some really nice painting, I love the Companion Cavalry, very, very nice!!!
    And excellent photos too the pic of the Acropolis theatre and terrace, what a site that would have been??

  3. The army is looking great! I also like the Companions.


  4. Thanks Christopher, Ray and Simon. Nathan's army does look great. Pergamon would have been pretty amazing in it's heyday. Happy New Year to you all.


  5. Great looking work! I really like the Companion Cavalry they are brilliant!



  6. Thanks Eric, Vinnie has some great stuff on his blog, if you haven't seen it. Happy New Year!


  7. I also visited Pergamum, in 2007. It's a place I remember very fondly. Thanks for posting your pictures!

  8. No worries Prufrock, glad you liked the photos. It's always good to see photos of place you enjoyed visiting.


  9. Great final post..Happy New Year!

  10. Thanks Mike, Happy New Year to you too! Have a good one.