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Friday, 8 July 2011

Republican Romans

Aventine Miniatures - Republican Roman Leves
Aventine Miniatures - close up shot of Leves

Here are a few photos of some Republican Roman units I've painted. As usual I have mix of figures but the Aventine Miniatures Republican Romans are the best and most extensive range around now, and I bought my Renegade and Crusader figures before these were released. The leves are earlier for fighting Pyrrhus' army and the velites for the 2nd Punic War and later. I have had some Aventine Principes and Renegade Hastati on the painting table for some time but I'm unlikey to complete these any time soon.

The Republican Roman manipular formation of 'triplex acies' in ancient wargaming rules is often ignored or not represented very well. I liked the WAB manipular formation special rules in the Hannibal supplement and think that Hail Caesar with its support rules will work quite well with standard units of sixteen for Hastati, Principes and Triarii. Leves and velites could be small units of 12. If anyone has played some Hail Caesar games with Republican Roman armies it would be interesting to read their comments.

Crusader Miniatures - Republican Roman Triarii
Another shot of the Triarii
Renegade, Crusader and Aventine Miniatures - Republican Roman Velites

Another shot of the Velites

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Dacians vs Early Imperial Romans

View of the battlefield

The Dacians advance and the Romans hold the line

The Romans finally advance

Yesterday afternoon Craig, Bern, Gary and Peter and I had a large four division a side game of Hail Caesar with Dacians fighting Early Imperials Romans. Although we had plenty of Romans we only had a couple of Dacian units (the rest are on the painting table!) so we used Bern's Celts for Dacians and my Parthians as Sarmatian allies. The game ended in a draw with one Dacian division broken and the Dacian general killed but the Romans looking very vulnerable on both flanks. Highlights included Craig's legionaries surviving a combined frontal and flank assualt on the right flank and the Sarmatian cataphracts breaking units of Roman auxillary cavalry and guard cavalry on the left. There was plenty of ebb and flow in the game with initial advantage going to the Romans before swinging around to favour the Dacians at the end of game. Thanks to Craig, Bern, Gary and Peter for a fun game!

Dacian warbands surge forward

Roman legionaries survive a flank charge

Action on the left flank

Sarmatian cataphracts and Roman auxillary cavalry engage

Dacians and Romans on the right flank

Sarmatian cataphracts force Roman cavalry to give ground

Sarmatian cataphracts prepare to charge again

Numidian light cavalry and Sarmatian horse archers skirmish