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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Command and Colors Ancients - Spartan Army

I recently ordered the latest Command and Colors Ancients board game expansion from Milsims, for $56 plus postage, and have just finished putting the stickers on the blocks (hurrah!). I thought I do a short review for those who might be interested. Command and Colors Ancients, in case you're unfamiliar with the game, is designed by Richard Borg of GMT Games and has scenarios based on the great battles of the ancient world. I have five of the six themed ancient games released so far and there are also two Napoleonic sets to date. The original set deals with the Punic Wars, Expansion No.1 Greece vs Eastern Kingdoms (my favourite), Expansion No.2 Rome vs the Barbarians, Expansion No.3 Roman Civil Wars, Expansion No.4 Imperial Rome etc.

Expansion No.6 deals with the Spartan Army and has 26 scenarios from 669 BC to 331 BC it also ties in with existing scenarios in Greece vs Eastern Kingdoms. What you get for this is a fun, fast paced board game for two or more players where your troops are depicted by blocks and movement, shooting and fighting is driven by a clever combination of cards and six sided dice with symbols. The board can be covered in terrain blocks depending on the scenario and is divided into three sectors. Winning is achieved by accumulating Victory banners (usually 5-8) which you get through eliminating enemy units consisting of 2-4 blocks. The rules are subtle but realistic in depicting ancient battle but luck definitely plays a part with your command cards and dice. Playing the scenarios with hex based miniatures and  terrain is increasingly popular but I actually enjoy the quick set up, no hassle side of playing it as a boardgame.

We recently fought the Raphia scenario in Greece vs Eastern Kingdoms and were able to play two games in a couple of hours swapping sides, as some scenarios are weighted historically to favour one side or the other. Another bonus is that I can even get my long suffering partner to play the odd game! C&C is also a great scenario resource for those ancient battles in miniature you always wanted to fight but never got around to researching properly. At the same time as I ordered Spartan Army, I backordered another GMT game, Chariots of Fire, which depicts bronze age chariot warfare in the near east, so I might do a review of that in a future post.


  1. What a fantastic game!!!!! I have played a few Ancient games and now have the Napoleonic version. I still love the Ancients, and have now borrowed the 2nd expansion with Alexander etc.Cannot recommend the game more highly!!!!!

  2. It is an excellent game and really good value with scenarios of all the great battles of antiquity ready to play. I have all the C&C Ancients expansion sets except for the mega game one and have C&C Napoleonics as well...Greece vs Eastern Kingdoms is my favourite.