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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Macedonians vs Late Achaemenid Persians

View along the Macedonian line
Another view of the Macedonians, from the opposite end

View of the Persian line

On Wednesday night my mate Rick and I had a 300 point, two divisions a side, Hail Caesar game with Macedonians vs Late Achaemenid Persians. Here are a few photos of the game which ended in a draw with both sides, each losing cavalry and infantry units.We had to stop but things were starting to go pear shaped for the Persians - as usual! The wedge rules in HC were interesting (pp.106-107) and one of Rick's Companion units burst through three Persian units leaving them disordered but not shaken!

The Macedonian list (Hail Caesar Army Lists: Biblical and Classical pp.45-46) worked well but the Late Achaemenid Persian list (pp.44-45) is a bit generic and has options for sparabara (which became obsolete in the fifth century BC) but none for Kardakes or Indian troops! That said all the basic Persian troop types and stats are there for you to use or tweak as you see fit. The limit on the Persian general to leadership 7 is accurate but frustrating to play! There are options for upgrading half of your divisions to leadership 8 at 10 points and Greek mercenaries must be in their own separate division. Thanks to Rick for a fun game.

The Greek mercenary division advances while the Persian division stays put!

Companions and peltasts advance

Macedonian phalangites screened by Cretan archers and Rhodian slingers

Companions and Persian medium cavalry charge on the Macedonian right flank

Companions and Persian medium cavalry charge on the Macedonian left flank

Macedonian pike and Greek hoplites engage

Companions break through and charge the Persian Guard heavy cavalry

Macedonian pike and Greek hoplites fight it out in the centre

Peltasts slug it out on the Macedonian right flank
Macedonian veteran pike break through in the centre


  1. That's just one nice looking game! Really need to try out HC some day when we have figures for it at our club.


  2. Very nice looking game, excellent report

  3. Thanks Christopher and Andrew. HC is a lot of fun, definitely worth trying.

  4. nice Mike,

    paint those movement trays though mate!

  5. Very nice looking game Cyrus.

  6. Thanks Rodger, it was good to have a Macedonian vs Persian game, it's been a while...


  7. That is a very impressive looking game and collection.

  8. Nice AAR !

    Very nice looking minis !

    Best regards dalauppror

  9. Thanks Dalauppror. I think with the new plastic pike Macedonians are going to be even more popular than ever!



  10. Hi,

    Great looking battle, Im trying to put together a late Persian army myself, and im struggling with the army list.....

    so, what did you do with Kardakes? Im tempted to use the models as Greek hopilites? Or as guard infantry, with a rank of archers behind them? But without the Sparabara rule.

    What about Takabara? Im thinking of just using Takabara models as Greek peltasts?

    Any thoughts on this would be great. As im no expert when it comes to Persians :)


    Here is a link to my plans for my Greeks -

  11. Hi Steve

    Thanks for the link to your blog you've got some great looking Greeks there and Xyston can't be beaten for 15mm. There are big gaps in the HC Late Persian llist but most of the basic stats are there. The Kardakes were the Persians' answer to Greek Hoplites but were probably not armoured so like the guard infantry but with out bow. Takabara peltasts are just skirmishers with javelins in small units but you could give them Greek peltasts stats if you wanted to. The best infantry the Persians had were their Greek mercenary infantry but their cavalry are quite good. Best books on Persian army by Duncan Head WRG and Montvert. Hope this helps.


  12. Thanks, that's a big help, at least i know im thinking along roughly the right lines. :o)

    Ive also got a unit of Kappadokian mountain tribesmen, ill use these as peltasts too....?

    Ill update my blog later, id appreciate it if you could have a look, and offer a bit of advice.....Before i spend a fortune on figures that don't fit in LOL.


    1. No worries, have a look at the FoG Late Persian list pp. 36 - 38 in the Immortal Fire supplement it has a lot more detail.

      I'd use those as levy LI or Mi for a standard unit or as skirmishes for a small unit.

      I'll check it out. You can't wrong with the Xyston Persians they're all pretty much Late Persians. I have a DBA army of them, beautiful figures.