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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Photos of Sumerian objects at the British Museum

Here are some photos of various Sumerian objects at the British Museum which I found interesting and inspiring on our visit there. The most famous of these objects are from the 'royal tombs' of Ur excavated by Leonard Woolley in 1927-32 and dating around c.2800-2370 BC. Apologies for the reflections in some of the photos!

Diorite statue of Gudea, ruler of Lagash c.2120 - 2100 BC

The Standard of Ur c.2600 BC - 'Peace and prosperity' panel

The Standard of Ur c.2600 BC - War panel

The 'Ram in the thicket' c.2600 BC

Sumerian boardgame from the Royal Cemetry at Ur c.2600 BC - looks a bit like a Saga battle board!

'The Queen of the Night' - Babylonian Goddess of the Underworld 1800-1750 BC


  1. The British Museum is one of my favourite museums. The building itself is fantastic and the collections outstanding. I've been there lots of times when researching history projects or attending special exhibitions.

    Great pictures btw.

  2. Super pics and those knives are really great!


  3. Excellent photos, thanks for sharing them!

  4. Thanks Lee, Christopher, Silver Whistle and Ray. The British Museum is just brilliant!