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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Sumerian infantry and battle car

Sumerian battle car - Castaway Arts

I thought I'd post some pictures of my Sumerians for a change of pace and period. I've got two early Sumerian armies, one from the city of Lagash and the other from the city of Ur, that I've been slowly painting up over time. I've posted pictures of the Royal Guard of Lagash before on this blog -

I've planning armies of two divisions about 300 points for Hail Caesar. I've already got most of the figures, a mix of Castaway Arts, Cutting Edge, Eureka, Foundry and Newline but will get some more battlecars when Cutting Edge release their range later in the year.

Under the Hail Caesar lists (pp.9-10) the battlecars or onager chariots '...because of the ferocious ill temper and legendary intractability of the wild ass' roll a blunder on 11 or 12 when giving orders to the unit or any division they're part of! I'll post photos of more Sumerian figures, as well as photos of Sumerian artifacts and weapons from the British Museum and Istanbul Archaeological Museums shortly.

Royal Guard of Ur - Eureka, Cutting Edge Miniatures and Castaway Arts
Spearmen of Ur - Eureka figures with a Castaway drummer
Spearmen marching in column
Sumerian slingers - Castaway
Sumerian slingers - Eureka
Sumerian/Akkadian archers - Eureka
Sumerian archers - Castaway
Amorite/Gutian archers - Castaway


  1. Lovely work. Slingshot published a series of articles on Sumerian warfare (last year, I think). Given the two armies you're building, you could probably run a campaign!

  2. Excellent work; the battlecar is very nicely done. Best, Dean

  3. Really nice. Serious kudos as well for painting up all those missile troops with identical poses; I find that a chore in 10mm, so 28mm shows a real dedication!

  4. Nice change of pace, great looking army. Want to play HC myself but I'm a bit intimidated by the large number of units you need :-)

  5. Lovely onagers! Bags of character.

  6. Really nice units, and original!

  7. Thanks for the comments, guys.


  8. Looking very good as always. You probably know but Cutting Edge onager chariots should be out very soon.
    I like how you have kept colours not too bright which I think looks for this early period.

  9. Thanks Colin. Pete said they'd be out after the Mitanni and Egyptian chariots. I've been following your blog and you've got some excellent stuff on it.