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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Anglo-Danish vs Normans

View of the table with initial deployment of both sides

The Anglo-Danish geburs teach the Norman knights a lesson

The Normans line up the Flemish mercenaries in the centre

On Sunday we didn't make it to Matt's Ides of March ancients day in Goulburn, so Craig and I had a six point Saga game instead with Craig's Anglo-Danish vs my Normans. We used the standard Clash of Warlords scenario. The Normans got off to a bad start by charging but failing to inflict many casualties on the Anglo-Danish geburs.The sole Norman survivor was forced to retreat ignominously in flight so as to preserve the number of Saga dice for the side! Worse was to follow as the other unit of Norman knights met a similar fate at the hands of the Flemish swords for hire. The Anglo-Danish repeatedly played Trapped and Exhaustion abilities to further frustrate the Norman plans.

The Normans attempted to whittle away at the Anglo-Danish playing Massed Volley and Storm of Arrow abilities with their levy bowmen and cross bow armed serjeants. The Anglo-Danish counter attacked with a warrior unit of Fryd and a hearthguard unit of Huscarls. Fighting intensified around the ruined Church in the centre of the table and the Normans were able to wipe out the unit of Huscarls but suffered heavy casualties themselves and were driven back. At this point the Normans were poised to make a devastating charge with some heavy hitting Charge! and Dex Aie abilities but the Anglo-Danish used the Norman fatigue to reduce their move so the charge was aborted. The Anglo-Danish counter attacked and the Norman Warlord isolated from his warriors was easy prey for a unit of Huscarls. Thanks to Craig for another fun Saga game.

Anglo-Danish Fryd and Huscarls counter attack

The Flemish mercenaries force back the Norman Warlord and serjeants

Fighting around the ruined Church intensifies

Anglo-Danish Huscarls close in for the kill on the isolated Norman Warlord


  1. Nice looking and sounding game!

  2. Ah, interesting to see the game played. Dean

  3. That's a good point about using fatigue to slow the unit down. We tend to only use fatigue when it comes to actual combat but then if we remembered it can be used to affect movement the combat wouldn't happen, or at least it be more likely to happen on your terms.

    I think the Anglo-Danes have the best battle board - but that's probably because I have lost to them so many times now.....

  4. Thanks Ray, Dean and kingsleypark. There's quite a few subtleties to Saga and using your opponent's fatigue effectively is one of them.

    The Anglo-Danish do have some good abilities but seem more defensive...I'm looking forward to the release of Northern Fury.


  5. Not jumped on the Saga band wagon yet but your game makes it look tempting.

  6. Thanks Silver Whistle, they are a fun set of skirmish rules.


  7. Enjoyable AAR with some nice pictures. Makes me want to play the game...

  8. Thanks Mike. I hope you get a game in soon - photos of your Vikings in action would be great!