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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Anglo-Danish vs Vikings

View of the table with Anglo-Danish on the left and Vikings on the right

Harold Godwinson with brothers and Anglo-Danish Ceorls

Anglo-Danish Huscarls

Here are photos of another six point Saga game Craig and I played on Sunday with Anglo-Danish versus Vikings. The release of the second Saga supplement, Northern Fury, interested me in trying out the new factions, but in the end we both opted for playing with warbands we both like and have played before. Craig  choose the Anglo-Danish with Harold Godwinson and brothers as Heroes of the Viking age and Flemish Swords for Hire. I choose a pretty standard Viking warband of Hirdmen and Beserkers as Hearthguard, Bondi as Warriors and Thralls as Levies.

The game was interesting and bloody down to the end when the Anglo-Danish Huscarls surrounded and killed the Viking Warlord and his remaining retainers.  Re-reading the rules after the game I found that Harold does not benefit fron the Side by Side special rule of other Warlords (p.46). Thanks to Craig for another fun game.

Vikings with Hirdmen, Beserkers and Bondi

Viking Warlord with Hirdmen and Thrall archers

View from the Church of the opposing warbands

The Anglo-Danish Huscarls make short work of the Viking Thralls

The Flemish Swords for Hire are tough nuts to crack

The Anglo-Danish Ceorls take on the Viking Beserkers

The remaining Viking Hirdmen and Anglo-Danish Huscarls watch & wait warily

The Anglo-Danish Huscarls surround and kill the Viking Warlord and his retainers


  1. Some great pics, of some very nice figures, I really should buy Saga!!!!

  2. Looks good, likewise I have been thinking about Saga myself.

  3. Great setup you have there. SAGA sure is fun to game...

  4. Thanks Ray, Silver Whistle and Mike. Saga is a lot of fun to play and it sounds like they are some really interesting factions being developed.


  5. Nice pics and figs! Saga is definitely proving to be a popular (and well thought out) rules system

  6. Thanks kingsleypark, it definitely has a lot going for it and is well supported by GB.


  7. Thanks Christopher, Saga always seems to be fun even when you lose!


  8. Excellent report Cyrus. Wonderful photos too.