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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Hittites and New Kingdom Egyptians Return

Hittite spearmen and Egyptian archers fight it out in the centre

Clash of the chariots on the right flank 
Ne'arin and Maryannu chariots on the left flank
Hittite Spearmen and Syrian Archers advance
Egyptian archers supported by mace-axemen get stuck in

On Wednesday night my mate Rick and I had a 300 point, two divisions a side game of Hail Caesar, with Hittites versus New Kingdom Egyptians. These photos are from the second half of the game as the battery in my camera died and I had to use my old camera. Apologies for some of the photos and unfinished units on the table!

I'll post more photos of the first half of the game, once the battery has recharged and I've sorted the photos. The Hittites under Rick had a victory with one Egyptian division on the verge of breaking and the other suffering significant casualties by the end of the game. Each side lost chariots on respective flanks and the infantry in the centre fought a see sawing encounter which was uncertain until the final turn. Thanks to Rick for another fun game.

Coincidentally, I received in the mail the free Society of Ancients 2012 board game, 'Call it Quids' which is based on the Battle Of Qadesh (Kadesh) and the very next day, a GMT board game I'd ordered back in February, 'Chariots of Fire' - Warfare in the Bronze Age, 2300 - 1200 BC. I'm really looking forward to trying out these two games!

Egyptian archers and spearmen advance in the centre

Egyptian archers, spearmen and Sherden Guard look for trouble
The action in the centre
Ne'arin break the Maryannu and wipe out the surviving skirmishers

The Hittite commander orders his chariots - Follow me!
Egyptian archers are caught in a flank charge and mowed down


  1. Nice looking game and I hope one day to try out Hail Caesar.


  2. Thanks Christopher, I really like HC - it is a lot of fun and particularly good for large multi- player games.


  3. Great looking game Cyrus. Lovely photos.

  4. Thanks Rodger, hopefully the photos I took with my main camera are OK.