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Saturday, 2 June 2012

First Half Second

View of the table - NKE on the left, Hittites on the right

View down the Hittite line

View down the Egyptian line

Ne'arin and Maryannu on the left flank

Hittite chariots advance towards the Egyptians on the right

Here are a few more photos of the first half of the game between the Hittite and New Kingdom Egyptians we played last Wednesday. I posted the second half first in my last post due to camera battery problems.

On the painting table at the moment I have some Assyrians, Miadnite Arab camel riders and the new Warlord plastic set of Macedonian Royal Guard. These are the plastic phalangites with different metal heads and embossed metal shields. Nice figures when assembled that mix perfectly with my Foundry Hypaspist command!

I have had a chance to have a closer look at the scenarios in the Chariots of Fire board game I mentioned in my last post. There are nine scenarios, including Kadesh and Megiddo, and they range from Sumer c. 2320 BC through to the fall of Troy c. 1200 BC.

Close up shot of some Hittite spearmen

Egyptian division on the right flank

Egyptian infantry of the other division on the left

Another shot of the left flank

Infantry fighting in the centre

More infantry action

Ne'arin charge and Maryannu counter charge

Aramaean slingers and Hittite spearmen

Ne'arin drive back the Maryannu on the left

Hittite chariots charge the Egyptians


  1. What a difference a camera can make, some great shots of some superb figures.

  2. Thanks Silver Whistle, next time I'll check the battery is fully charged.


  3. These are lovely photos too. Although this is not one of my periods I really am tempted after looking at your beautiful troops.

  4. Epic looking battle you have there! Great stuf!


  5. Thanks Rodger and Chtistopher. It's a pity biblical armies aren't more popular as there are some great ranges around.


  6. Nice painting, some damn fine looking figures!!

  7. Thanks Ray, the Foundry and Cutting Edge Miniatures ranges are particularly nice.


  8. Fantastic, epic and inspiring. Love a big chariot battle scene and need to do so myself.

    Cutting Edge Sumerian and Akkadian battle wagons are up for pre order and looking great. Also the Mitanni are out very soon.

  9. Thanks Colin, big chariot games are hard to beat...

    That's good news about the Cutting Edge battle wagons I've been waiting for these and wil
    put in an order.