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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Saga at Good Games

Blair's Anglo-Danish game one

Anglo-Danish warriors

Dan's Vikings game one

Craig's Normans and Dan's Vikings game one

Craig's Normans game one

Blair's Anglo-Danish hearthguard

Last Sunday Craig organised a Saga mini comp at Good Games, a gaming shop and venue at Conder, in Tuggeranong, south Canberra. Six of us turned up on the day, to play three Saga games with four point armies. There were three Viking warbands, two Norman and one Anglo-Danish. These photos are from the various games. I managed to get photos of everybody's figures, except for Andrew's Vikings, but have included a couple of shots of his beautifully painted Late Roman/Arthurian cavalry by way of recompense. Thanks to Craig and all the players for the fun games of Saga.

Andrew's beautifully painted Late Roman cavalry

A close up shot of the Late Roman cavalry

Another shot of the Late Roman cavalry

Craig's Normans game two

Norman Knights and Warlord

Normans take out a unit of Bondi

Viking warlord surrounded by Normans

Warlords fight to the end
The sole survivor of game two

Viking Warlord in trouble again game three

He survives another attack and fights off the Normans

Norman warlord is finally killed


  1. Some great looking figures! Love the Late Roman Cav!

  2. Thanks Ray, Andrew's Late Roman cavalry were pretty schmick.


  3. Those are some beautiful looking troops Cyrus. We are planning our first crack at Saga in a couple of weeks time. Looking forward to it.

  4. Thanks Rodger, it's a lot of fun, I'm sure you'll enjoy. 4 point armies are a good way to start.