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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Satrapal Revolt - Paphlagonia vs Kappodokia

Mithridates's  Kardakes - Battlestandard

Guard Heavy Cavalry - Battlestandard and Essex

View of the table

Paphlagonian Division

Last Wednesday night Garry (Mithridates), Ian and I had a Late Achaemenid Persian Satrapal Revolt game, with the satrapies of Paphlagonia (Garry and Ian) fighting those of Kappadokia (me). We used the Hail Caesar rules with two divisions a side and 300 points based on the Late Achaemenid Persian list with a few modifications of our own to give the game balance and a local satrapal flavour. I was going to post the lists we used here with the photos but couldn't fit them in my blogger template.

Satrapal Revolts were common place during the Achaemenid Persian Empire and make for interesting scenarios and possibilities. It is also nice for a change when you're sick of your Persians getting beaten by Greeks and Macedonians all the time. The game was an interesting affair with significant casualties on both sides before the Paphlagonians finally broke my Kappadokian division. A much anticipated flank charge on the Kardakes in the final turn turn out to be a fizzer with no casualties on both sides. Thanks to Garry and Ian for another fun game.

Kardakes screened by skirmishers
Greek Mercenary Hoplites and Polemarch

Thracian Peltasts and Hoplites

Archers, Scythed Chariots and Guard Cavalry

Cavalry action on the left flank

Paphlagonian infantry

Scythed Chariots make mincemeat of Kappadokian Guard Cavalry

On the right flank the Victrix Hoplites get their first taste of action

Infantry get stuck in the centre

More cavalry action on the left

Infantry in the centre again

Kappadokian Medium Cavalry are driven back then broken

Hoplites slog it out on the right flank

Much anticipated flank charge on the Kardakes fizzes out


  1. Great looking game with lots of lovely bright figures. Thanks especially for showing the Battlestandard Miniatures; I've been wondering for a while how they look.

  2. Thanks Caliban, the Battlestandard figures are all Garry's but would mix well with Vendel.


  3. Great photos Cyrus. Lovely looking game.

  4. Thanks for sharing, great looking figs and game.

  5. Thanks Rodger and Silver Whistle, it was a fun game


  6. Thanks Matt, there has been some epic games near the Big Merino lately :)!