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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

First Game of Dux Britanniarum

View of the table with Saxons and British deployed near a field



Here are some photos of our first game of Dux Britanniarum which we played last night. Rick commanded the Romano-British using his Late Roman DBA army and I commanded the Saxons. After rolling dice, both forces deployed in the right third of the table twelve inches in from the edge near a ploughed field. We were both new to the Too Fat Lardies rules and Dux Britanniarum, so were consequently pretty slow and bumbling in our efforts. The card activation for command initiative was fine but we were a bit confused about the sequence and purpose of some cards in the playing deck rather than the fate deck. Rereading the rules will no doubt solve this.

The close combat worked well with levies proving to be rubbish but still capable of inflicting damaging kills and shock on warriors or hearth guard. Shock markers or recording it on paper for units is definitely needed. In the end we ran out of time without any decisive results - only a couple of units retired from excess shock sustained in combat. One of the major attraction of these rules for me is the campaign system and the small forces required to play it and we both agreed it would be more fun to fight a raid as part of an overall campaign. Thanks to Rick for a fun game and I'll post some more photos of his Late Roman army shortly.

A ragged Saxon advance

An even more ragged Saxon charge

Romano-British levies charge

Saxons get stuck into the British levies

Side view of the forces

Situation at the end of the game


  1. A friend of mine has these rules on order, so I'm interested to see how they unfold. Great board and figures.

  2. Looks good!

    There's some handy hints on if you've missed them, also the Lardies Y! group has the designer and a bunch of helpful folks on there who are more than willing to answer questions. Also, my and Andy Hawes' blogs have our two reports from a game that Rich of TFL very kindly came and umpired for us, from which we learned a great deal!

  3. Thanks Guidowg and Mike. I'll check out the blogs and yahoo group for more hints.


  4. Some very nice looking figures!

  5. Nice looking table and report! I have the rules, but no time to give them a try. The period is on my too do list.
    Keep the reports coming!


  6. Thanks Ray and Christopher, I really like the campaign side of these rules. Will do!


  7. Wonderfull report and photos Cyrus. Really like the look of the table.

  8. Thanks Rodger, still getting to grips with these rules.