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Sunday, 30 September 2012

MOAB 2012

Command and Colors Ancients - Hydaspes 326 BC

Alexander's right wing

Alexander's left wing

Porus' right wing 

Porus' left wing

On Sunday I got a lift with Rick and Michael, who were driving from Canberra up to Sydney for the day, to visit MOAB (Mother Of All Battles) 2012. This is the main wargaming convention held in Sydney each year for three days and is put on by the Southern Battle Gamers club at the Sylvania Heights Youth and Community Club. I'd never been there before so was keen to check it out and of course add to, the already groaning shelves, of my lead and plastic mountain.

It was noticeably warmer in Sydney and the event was held in a nice venue in a main hall with trade stands and demonstration/participation games. There were a lot of competition games on and these seemed to be held in smaller side rooms. Of the demo games we saw the one I really liked the most was the Command and Colors Ancients, Battle of Hydaspes 326 BC, with Alexander's Macedonians fighting Porus' Indians. C&C Ancients is a board game but this game was played with 28mm miniatures, mainly Old Glory and Foundry and looked great. Thanks to the Southern Battle Gamers, Rick and Michael for a fun day.

Old Glory Indians

Another shot with a glimpse of Porus at the back

15mm Napoleonics

Game of Saga

Friday, 28 September 2012

Victrix Theban Hoplites

Here are some photos of a Victrix Theban hoplite phalanx I've just finished. The shield transfers featuring the symbol of Thebes (the club of Heracles), are mainly by Steve at Victrix (not available on his LBM site) but with a few Foundry ones in the back rank. As mentioned in previous posts, these Victrix plastic sets have all the same basic torsos and are just great figures to put together and paint.

Like the Spartan set with the Pilos helmets, with the Thebans you get plenty of Boeotian helmets, but there is still plenty of variety and options in the heads and helmets. I'm looking forward to the mercenary hoplites set next and have heard that Victrix will be doing an unarmoured Greek hoplite set at some stage which is great news and will certainly speed up the production of phalanxes.

Victrix Theban and Spartan phalanxes close

Friday, 21 September 2012



Here are some Romano-British Comanipulares and archers for Dux Britanniarum. The elite Comanipulares figures are Crusader Miniatures from their Late Roman range with shield transfers by LBM. The archers are Musketeer Miniatures from their early Saxon range but look fine as British missile troops. The Tribune is the TFL special pre-order figure and the Decurions and champion are BTD figures with LBM shield transfers again.

I'm getting some movement trays with 25mm round slots so will be able to use these figures with my Late Roman infantry which is based on 20mm squares. The archers will also be quite handy for Saga. Next I have two unit of Milites (warriors) and three units of Numeri (levies) to paint, all Foundry figures  before moving onto my Saxons.


Tribune, Decurions and Champion 

Thursday, 20 September 2012

More Greek Hoplites

This my first post for quite a while as I've been away on holidays in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Here are a few photos of some more Greek Hoplites that I've finally finished. Figures are Vendel, Essex, Foundry and a solitary Minifig. I've got quite a backlog on the painting table at the moment with Victrix Theban Hoplites, Wargames Factory Greek Holplites, Warlord Games Macedonian Royal Guard as well as some Romano-British for Dux Britanniarum. Hopefully I'll get some of these finished before I head back to the salt mines in a week or so. I've updated the photos on this post as the previous ones were taken at night and were a bit dark.