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Sunday, 30 September 2012

MOAB 2012

Command and Colors Ancients - Hydaspes 326 BC

Alexander's right wing

Alexander's left wing

Porus' right wing 

Porus' left wing

On Sunday I got a lift with Rick and Michael, who were driving from Canberra up to Sydney for the day, to visit MOAB (Mother Of All Battles) 2012. This is the main wargaming convention held in Sydney each year for three days and is put on by the Southern Battle Gamers club at the Sylvania Heights Youth and Community Club. I'd never been there before so was keen to check it out and of course add to, the already groaning shelves, of my lead and plastic mountain.

It was noticeably warmer in Sydney and the event was held in a nice venue in a main hall with trade stands and demonstration/participation games. There were a lot of competition games on and these seemed to be held in smaller side rooms. Of the demo games we saw the one I really liked the most was the Command and Colors Ancients, Battle of Hydaspes 326 BC, with Alexander's Macedonians fighting Porus' Indians. C&C Ancients is a board game but this game was played with 28mm miniatures, mainly Old Glory and Foundry and looked great. Thanks to the Southern Battle Gamers, Rick and Michael for a fun day.

Old Glory Indians

Another shot with a glimpse of Porus at the back

15mm Napoleonics

Game of Saga

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