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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Early Successors

View of the table

Garry's cavalry on the right flank

Elephants, skirmishers and pike in the centre

Garry's left flank

My right flank

My centre with pike

My left flank with Companions

Veteran Agryaspides (Silver Shields) in the centre

On Sunday morning there was a car boot sale for the Canberra Games Society (CGS) at the Bridge Club in Deakin organised by Ian. Afterwards Garry, Craig and I had a 300 point, two divisions a side Early Successors game of Hail Caesar with agreed additional points/units of two elephants and elephant guards on both sides. A Successor game without elephants just doesn't seem right! Bern and Ian watched the game and provided invaluable support in the form of rule interpretation, tactical advice and general sledging...

The second hand car boot sale was a success with some real bargains to be had, and very tempting 28mm Foundry Late Romans and Musketeer Miniatures Arabs on offer. I bought some 40mm by 40mm bases, a LBM Dark Ages banner, the Morituri Te Salutant gladiator rules for $5, 40 painted BTD Oscans/Samnites and Velites for $70 and a can of anti shine varnish!

The table size was limited by the desert gaming mat I'd brought along, usually we play on a 9' by 5' table tennis table. This was a big disadvantage for Garry as he'd chosen more skirmishers and light cavaly in his army but there was little room for maneouvre and I outnumbered his pike units by two to one! The Companions in wedges proved to be decisive in the game. I'd upgraded both my units to heavy cavalry from medium cavalry which meant under the wedge rules pp.106-107 they were saving on +3 from all round.

This combined with at least two extremely lucky saving throws of  five casualties meant they were probably a bit over top. Restricting them to medium cavalry only stats might be a solution to this but then luck could easily have gone the other way. By the end of the game Garry's cavalry division was broken and one of his three pike units had also been broken. Thanks to Ian for organising the car boot sale and to Garry and Craig for a fun game. It was good to have our first Hail Caesar Successor stoush.

The Companions charge

The surviving wedge is driven back

The Companions charge the pike in the flank but receive some attention themselves

View from the centre

The pike finally close

Another view of the centre

The Companions and Chalkaspides (Bronze Shields) break the opposing pike

The elephants and their guards keep fighting

Friday, 23 March 2012

Early Imperial Romans and Dacians

Aventine legionaries vs Warlord and Foundry Dacians

Warlord veteran legionaries vs Warlord and Foundry Dacians

Warlord veteran legionaries vs Warlord and Foundry Dacians

I recently acquired a mini lighting tent with a blue backdrop, so I thought I'd try out a few test shots to see how it worked. These photos are the results and are of various Early Imperial Roman legionary units and my one finished Dacian warband. The blue backdrop certainly contrasts with the figures and will be pretty handy I think, especially for single unit or group of figures shots.

Aventine and Black Tree Designs legionaries vs Warlord and Foundry Dacians

Close up shot with Dacian carynx to the fore

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Herakleion Museum

Bronze spearheads and Boar tusk helmet

Boar tusk helmet

Bronze swords and dagger

Gold hilts of the swords

Following on from my post on Knossos, Phaistos and Agia Triada, here are a few photos from Herakleion Museum in Crete. The photos were taken during our trip to Greece in September 2009.

Phaistos disc

Phaistos disc

Krater with flowers in relief from Phaistos

Gold bee or wasp pendant

Octopus vase

Kamares style pithos with palm trees

Linear B tablets

Bull's Head Rhyton

Faience figurines of the Snake Godess

Alabaster Rhyton of a lioness' head

Stone Rhyton with peak sanctuary scene

Steatite Harvester's Vase from Agia Triada

Rhyton of steatite also from Agia Triada

Ivory figurine of a bull leaper

Bull leaping fresco from Knossos

Painted sarcophagus from Agia Triada

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Anglo-Danish vs Normans

View of the table with initial deployment of both sides

The Anglo-Danish geburs teach the Norman knights a lesson

The Normans line up the Flemish mercenaries in the centre

On Sunday we didn't make it to Matt's Ides of March ancients day in Goulburn, so Craig and I had a six point Saga game instead with Craig's Anglo-Danish vs my Normans. We used the standard Clash of Warlords scenario. The Normans got off to a bad start by charging but failing to inflict many casualties on the Anglo-Danish geburs.The sole Norman survivor was forced to retreat ignominously in flight so as to preserve the number of Saga dice for the side! Worse was to follow as the other unit of Norman knights met a similar fate at the hands of the Flemish swords for hire. The Anglo-Danish repeatedly played Trapped and Exhaustion abilities to further frustrate the Norman plans.

The Normans attempted to whittle away at the Anglo-Danish playing Massed Volley and Storm of Arrow abilities with their levy bowmen and cross bow armed serjeants. The Anglo-Danish counter attacked with a warrior unit of Fryd and a hearthguard unit of Huscarls. Fighting intensified around the ruined Church in the centre of the table and the Normans were able to wipe out the unit of Huscarls but suffered heavy casualties themselves and were driven back. At this point the Normans were poised to make a devastating charge with some heavy hitting Charge! and Dex Aie abilities but the Anglo-Danish used the Norman fatigue to reduce their move so the charge was aborted. The Anglo-Danish counter attacked and the Norman Warlord isolated from his warriors was easy prey for a unit of Huscarls. Thanks to Craig for another fun Saga game.

Anglo-Danish Fryd and Huscarls counter attack

The Flemish mercenaries force back the Norman Warlord and serjeants

Fighting around the ruined Church intensifies

Anglo-Danish Huscarls close in for the kill on the isolated Norman Warlord

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Warlord Macedonian Phalangites

Here are a few photos of the new plastic Macedonian Phalangites by Warlord Games. The command figures are by Foundry and Old Glory. I’ve painted this unit as Leukaspides (White Shields) rather than Chalkaspides (Bronze Shields), Argyraspides (Silver Shields) or Chrysaspides (Golden Shields)!

These figures are highly detailed and easy to assemble and paint. I particularly like the chunky butt-spike on the sarissa, the linothorax and engraved greaves on some of the figures. There are forty phalangite figures (actually twenty as the box size is too small fit to fit forty) and a sheet of forty water slide transfers per set. So with two sets of four metal command figures (yet to be released) you can make two units of twenty four figures in a six by four phalanx.

There are four basic poses on ten identical sprues with even more variations in the heads, and the arms attached to the pike. There are at least two variations in the arms and pike per pose, so with the back rank figures for example, you get two different poses shouldering the pike. The transfer sheet is a single sheet of black stars that requires each shield to be cut out separately. I’m sure LBM will be sizing transfers for these but in the meantime the LBM Macedonian/Successor transfers for 1st Corps and Gripping Beast’s Polemarch ranges would be a pretty close fit.