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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Indian Archers

Here are a few photos of some Indian archers, the first unit I've painted for King Porus' Indian army to fight Alexander. Seeing a Command & Colours Ancients demo game of the Battle of Hydaspes, at MOAB 2012 a few weeks ago, has got me inspired to start on my Indian army. These figures are a mix of 1st Corps, Newline, Old Glory and Vendel/Molon Labe.

I particularly like the 1st Corps and Newline Indian ranges and most of my army will be 1st Corp, Old Glory and Newline. The Vendel/Molon Labe figures are nice, chunky and cheap as well,  (8 figures for $12 AUD), but the castings I had were full of air pockets which I had to fill with green stuff so I'm not sure if I will be adding any more to the army at this stage.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Ephesus Museum

Marcus Aurelius 3rd century AD

Ivory Frieze depicting Trajan's eastern campaigns 1st century AD

Greek strategos 1st century BC

Mycenaean pottery 14th - 13th centuries BC

The Great Artemis 1st century AD

Artemis Ephesia 2nd century AD

Colossal head of Domitian

Monday, 22 October 2012


The Odeion

The Memmius Monument

The Pollio Fountain area

Curetes Street

Medusa figure on the Temple of Hadrian

Terraced Houses

The Library of Celsus

Arete (Virtue)

Sophia (Wisdom)

Episteme (Knowledge)

Ennoia (Intelligence)

Harbour Street

The Theatre