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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Syrian Wars - Seleucid versus Ptolemaic Successors

 Seleucids move first on the left 

Ptolemaic pike crowd the table 

A Galatian warband lingers on the hill

Ptolemaic cavalry surge forward

Seleucid cavalry line up a charge

Cavalry on the right flank

Both sides close

On Sunday Garry, Gary, Josh and I played a four hundred point, two division a side game of Hail Caesar at the Vikings Club. It was a Syrian Wars scenario with the Seleucids led by Antiochus III (myself) fighting the Ptolemaic Successors of Ptolemy IV (Garry). Here are a few photos of the game I took while playing.

Generals join the cavalry stoush

Push of the pike on the left

Victorious Ptolemaic cavalry make a sweeping advance

The Ptolemies quickly gained the upper hand on the right flank with Antiochus' division broken after several rounds of combat. However before they could advance to assist the other division, there was a sharp turn in the fortunes of the game with the Seleucids breaking two Ptolemaic phalanxes in quick succession. This meant both sides had a broken division each, so possibly a draw, but the Ptolemies were overall in a stronger position with more units in tact.

Thanks to Garry, Gary and Josh for another fun game.

Left flank slogs it out

Ptolemaic pike and Galatians close

Seleucids break the Ptolemaic pike on the left

Seleucid cavalry who never saw action!


  1. Gorgeous looking game. Funnily enough, most of our Successors battles seem to end in sort of draws too...

  2. That battle is a feast for the eyes, so much pike as well


  3. Fab looking battle! Cast of thousands... Cheers, Simon

  4. Thanks Caliban, Ian and Simon, they always seem to be a lot of fun these Successor games.


  5. Very epic looking battle with great scenery. How many lovely elephants did you have on.

  6. Thanks Colin, lots of pike and elephants does look good!


  7. Fabulous stuff, looks great. Wished the pics were a bit larger ;-)

  8. Thanks Mike, the pics are a bit small but if I make them larger they overrun the sidebars on the template I'm using...


  9. OK, When I add a pic in blogger I can choose small, normal, large, extra large and original size. Only original overruns, the others adjust to the sidebars by itself. Sometimes some strange behaviour on blogger I guess. Best, Mike

  10. a huge game Mike, love all of that pike!!!!


  11. Thanks Matt, you can never have too many pike units!