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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sunday Saga

View of the table

Norman cavalry, hearthguard and warriors

Nasty Norman crossbowmen!

Craig loads up the Norman battle board

Viking Bondi/warriors are driven back

It's been pretty quite on the gaming front lately for me, with not much to report but a few games of Saga. Craig and I had a quick four point game this Sunday with his Normans fighting my Vikings. I took a few photos of our game and here are the results. Most of our recent games have been with new factions that are being play tested for the next supplement. Craig is in the Saga play test group and has had a fair bit of success with Saracens, Moors and Military Order factions.

Craig has just had his new Samurai skirmish rules, Ronin, published by Osprey. Northstar Miniatures have released some gorgeous figures for these rules, designed by Steve Saleh. I'm seriously tempted by these despite having too many unpainted armies already!

Viking Hirdmen/hearthguard take more hits

Both sides suffer casualties

The Viking warlord is isolated but still fighting...

Time to go to Valhalla!


  1. It was fun and quite close finishing with the Warlords fighting to the death.


  2. I still like what I see with Saga, maybe one day


  3. Looks like a really good game!


  4. Great looking game and figures. Looking forward to seeing you guys playing Ronin in the future. Best, Dean

  5. Great mashup and better luck next time to the Vikings. With the right dice, they can drop some killer combos.

  6. Cavalry and crossbows, I don't think I would want to be caught out in the open against these chaps.
    A skirmish set of rules for the Samurai sounds very tempting.

  7. Thanks guys, Saga games are always fun and the Vikings still my favourite faction to play. Ronin and the Northstar figures are very tempting indeed!