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Friday, 9 August 2013

Republican Roman Principes and the Triplex Acies

Above are photos of another unit of Principes for my Republican Roman army. We have got a game on tomorrow fighting Seleucids so in the photos below I've tried to show how the maniples of the Republican Roman army deployed before battle. First there is a screen of Velites and then the Triplex Acies (triple battle order) of Hastati, Principes and Triarii formed a checkered formation called a quincunx. 

Once the Velites had thrown their javelins and retreated through the gaps a solid line was formed to engage the enemy. I've drafted in some Marian maniples to make up numbers for the game so most of the legionaries in divison two are from this later period. Gary has another division and a few spare painted units of Hastati and Triarii so it should look pretty good overall. I'll post a report and photos after the game.

Two divisions deployed in a qincunx

Division One 

Divison Two

Consul and Equites on the flank

Maniples of Hastati, Principes and Triarii


  1. oooh they do look nice.

    As always looking forward to seeing the battle report


  2. That's one lovely looking army you have there!


  3. Cyrus

    Lovely looking units (as are all of your toys).


  4. Looks great! I've seen the Polybian deployment before, but I'm still not quite sure how they actually fought. After the velites retreated, did the rest of the army maintain that checkerboard pattern? You mentioned that a "solid line was formed to engage the enemy". Did the hastatii and princepes alternate along the line?

  5. Thanks guys, got to put the armies in the car for the game! John I think it was pretty flexible so they could do that or form separate lines.


  6. Death in sandals! Great looking bunch and I do love the red you've used. It just shines.

    1. Thanks Monty, red shields always seem to work well for Romans. The game today was a lot of fun with the small Roman units really effective against the standard pike units of the Seleucids. I'll post photos and a report tomorrow.


  7. Looking good. And the great thing about LRR is the number of potential opponents.


  8. Thanks FMB, you definitely right about that, lots of opponents and quite a few centuries up to the Marian reforms.