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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Agema Miniatures Velites

As I mentioned in my last post here are photos of the new plastic Agema Miniatures Velites which I've just finished painting. In a box for $20 AUD or 9 UK pounds, you get eight identical sprues of two figures each which allows you to make up sixteen figures, half armed with javelins and half with swords. There also various options for helmets, shields and wolf skin pelts.

One thing I found sticking them together is that the wolf skin tends to fall away from the torso as if the figure is running. By gluing and then applying pressure to the pelt and torso as it sets, I was able to get them to fit more closely and achieve more variety in the poses. The figures are very detailed, quite slight but 28mm high and are fully compatible with popular existing metal ranges (see comparison shots below). All in all an excellent first release from Agema Miniatures, it will be interesting to see what they release next!


L to R - Aventine, Renegade, Agema and Crusader

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Republican Roman Principes

I've been painting Republican Romans lately and have just finished this small unit of Principes, which are all Renegade figures. As I mentioned in my post on the Hastati, I also have some Agema Miniatures plastic Velites on the painting table and these will probably be up next.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Sumerian Battle Car

I haven't posted anything on my biblical armies for quite some time but have just finished this gorgeous Cutting Edge, Early Sumerian Battle Wagon. The whole Cutting Edge range was sculpted by Ebob and are simply superb figures. It is a great pity that biblical armies aren't more popular as these figures are just a joy to collect, game with and paint. The Cutting Edge website is no longer operational but you can still order them through the Curtey Miniatures' site.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Thracian Peltasts

Here are a few photos of some Foundry Thracian peltasts and Greek psiloi. These are all part of a big batch of painted second hand figures I bought earlier in the year and were painted by Dragon Painting Service. They feature hand painted shield designs and extremely colourful cloaks and tunics (lurid is probably a more accurate term). I've just finished rebasing them so I thought I'd take a few pics and show them off.

The total page view counter on this blog has ticked to over one hundred thousand so thanks to everyone who has followed, commented or visited over the last couple of years!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Republican Roman Hastati

Here are a few photos of two units of Republican Roman Hastati that I've just finished, the figures are by Renegade Miniatures. I haven't posted anything on my Republican Roman army since this post on Republican Romans all most two years ago! Like so many other armies they have been on the back burner for a quite a while but the prospect of pike versus pila games has spurred me on to finish  some more units.

Hopefully Romans fighting Successors and eventually Carthaginians will keep me motivated to paint. I have a good mix of Republican Roman figures with Renegade, Crusader, Aventine and Gripping Beast. I have separate units of Leves and hasta armed Principes for earlier Republican Roman armies. On the painting table at the moment are some Principes and a box of the new plastic Agema Miniatures Velites.