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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sunday Saga

View of the table

Norman cavalry, hearthguard and warriors

Nasty Norman crossbowmen!

Craig loads up the Norman battle board

Viking Bondi/warriors are driven back

It's been pretty quite on the gaming front lately for me, with not much to report but a few games of Saga. Craig and I had a quick four point game this Sunday with his Normans fighting my Vikings. I took a few photos of our game and here are the results. Most of our recent games have been with new factions that are being play tested for the next supplement. Craig is in the Saga play test group and has had a fair bit of success with Saracens, Moors and Military Order factions.

Craig has just had his new Samurai skirmish rules, Ronin, published by Osprey. Northstar Miniatures have released some gorgeous figures for these rules, designed by Steve Saleh. I'm seriously tempted by these despite having too many unpainted armies already!

Viking Hirdmen/hearthguard take more hits

Both sides suffer casualties

The Viking warlord is isolated but still fighting...

Time to go to Valhalla!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

More Warlord Caesarian Romans

I've just finished painting another box of the plastic Warlord Caesarian Romans. These legionaries are armed with pilum rather than gladius as in my earlier post on Warlord Caesarian Romans. The figures with pilum are actually easier to put together as you don't have to cut off the hilt, grip and pommel of their sheathed swords. In the box of twenty four figures you get three command figures, one figure with a gladius, fifteen figures throwing pila and five with pila at rest. The last two photos show how both compare in terms of poses and appearance. The figures with gladius are, as you'd expect easier to rank up.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

New Kingdom Egyptian Chariot

Here are a few photos of a Cutting Edge Miniatures, New Kingdom Egyptian chariot and crew, that I've just finished painting. These are lovely figures that mix rather well with the Foundry NKE range designed by the Perrys, as you can see in the comparison shots below. I haven't added much to my NKE army for quite a while and still have a large number of chariots to paint. Most of the army can be seen on this post - Ramses II and his Army.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Temples of Karnak

Avenue of Criosphinxes (lions with heads of rams)

First Court

Temple of Ramses III

Reliefs retain traces of original paint

Hypostyle Hall

Obelisk of Thutmes I

Reliefs on the wall of the Seventh Pylon

Sety I on his chariot with captives

Painted columns and roof of the Festival Hall

Osiris Statue at entrance to Temple of Thutmes III

Papyrus-bundle columns

Open Air Museum

The White Chapel of Senusret I

Relief on the White Chapel of Senusret I