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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Sad passing of Col (Colin) Jones 1944-2014

My mate Rick has asked me to post this short tribute to his close friend Col Jones, who sadly passed away recently.

Col, Barry and Chris (L to R) playing Wings of War at the club

Col lost his long battle with illness on 3 July 2014 – he was an outstanding and prolific painter of war game figures and regular war-gamer for more than 50 years! He was born in England and served in the British a navy before eventually moving to Australia after meeting his future wife Erica in Perth whilst on shore leave. He also worked for many years for the Australian Government until he retired.

As a figure painter his fantasy figures appeared in White Dwarf magazine and his historical work was always worthy and equal to any of the best painters shown in Wargames Illustrated magazine. Apart from his wicked sense of humour, he was a genuine artist who got better with age and a true gentleman and friend to so many, giving painting tips to anyone freely. His painting started out with oils and progressed to the latest acrylics and his fine work will live long in the collections of these lucky to have bought his painted figures. He will be remembered by all who knew him around the world including customers in the USA

He played most periods of history from Ancients to WW2 and Warhammer fantasy. FOW and Wings of War (Glory) was a late passion too. His non gaming interests included music, his dogs and football - West Ham was his lifelong obsession - he’ll be forever blowing bubbles!

Col will be missed by all who knew him and remembered fondly for his warmth, positive nature and strong giving approach to others in living his life.

His love for his family was a huge part of his life and he is survived by his loving wife Erica and their two sons Craig and Mark.

Farewell and rest in peace.

Ric Mc


  1. Great tribute Mike and Rick, yep he will be missed. But the minis will live on.

  2. Condolences to his loved ones and friends. Sounds like he was a great man all around. He will be missed. Peace, Dean

  3. Condolences. The web is great to keep his work on show.