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Monday, 13 October 2014

Republican Romans versus Gauls

View of the table - Romans on the left, Gauls on the right

Republican Romans hold the line

Last Sunday at the Vikings Club in Lanyon, Garry and I played a Hail Caesar game, with Republican Romans versus Gauls. Here are a few photos of the game, unfortunately most of the photos I took during the game didn't turn out. In the end it was a draw but the Romans were in a pretty bad way with every unit remaining on the table shaken! Thanks to Garry for a fun game.

Gauls surge forward

Romans are driven back on the left flank


  1. well... at least you guys had fun playing an Hail Caesar demo/game at your club, regardless of the photos...thanks for sharing Mike!


  2. Thanks Phil, the Gauls definitely gave the Romans a run for their money.


  3. Great looking game. Good to see HC being played.

  4. Thanks Dean, it was a fun game.