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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Saga in the Great Hall

Two four point Viking warbands in the Great Hall

Craig's Warlord & Hearthguard

Another Hearthguard unit

Warriors watch the Hearthguard fighting 

Fighting in the main hall

Warriors attack the remaining Hearthguard

My Warlord occupies the throne for now!

Here's my last post for 2014 and best wishes to everyone for 2015!

Last Monday night Craig came over to my place and we played a game of Saga with his newly assembled 4 Ground Great Hall. This is a serious bit of kit which looks pretty amazing and only retails for $480 in Australia! Craig said there are fifteen pages of instructions and that the ground floor took about ten hours to assemble. He still has the loft to do.

The scenario we used fighting in the Great Hall was a lot of fun and very quick with all units starting with an automatic fatigue each - obviously too much feasting and drinking! Movement was by room and a maximum of eight figures per side could fit\fight in each room.

On Tuesday my mate Rick came over and we played a game of Jugula with the Familia One and Two sets, there are a few photos below. Thanks to Craig and Rick for some fun games to finish off the year.

Familia set two

Familia set one

Provocator and Hoplomachus fight

My Provocator and Saggitarius bite the dust!


  1. The great hall and minis looks great mate!

    1. Thanks Hobbyworker, the Great Hall looks amazing but is $$$ -Happy New Year!


  2. Thanks Michael, it was a couple of quick fun games. Happy New Year!


  3. WOW! 10 hours to construct the floor? Just amazing. Happy New Year!

  4. It does seem a bit over the top but it does look good. Happy New Year Monty!

  5. Very cool figures and terrain, Mike. I like that Great Hall. Happy 2015!

  6. Thanks Dean, the Great Hall does look good but I'm not sure that I'd part with $480 for it 'tho. Happy 2015 to you!


  7. An unusual, and beautiful, battlefield! Great pictures...

  8. Thanks Phil, Happy 2015!