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Friday, 24 January 2014

Ionian Revolt - Battle of Ephesus 498 BC

View of the table with the Cayster River in the foreground

Persian Sparabara & Archers

Athenian, Eritrean and Ionian hoplites on the Greek left flank

Ephesian & Milesian hoplites on the Greek right

Ionian Greeks and Persians close on the left flank

Persian medium cavalry on the  left flank

 Persian heavy cavalry 

On Friday night my mate Rick came over to my place and we played a game of Hail Caesar, fighting the Battle of Ephesus 498 BC from the Ionian Revolt. The scenario we used was based on an article by Fred Eugene Ray, 'The Battle of Ephesus- 498BC Prelude to Marathon', in Ancient Warfare Special Issue 2011: The Battle of Marathon pp.23-29. He also has a book, Land Battles in 5th Century B.C. Greece: A History and Analysis of 173 Engagements, which discusses the battle. Basically the larger Persian army crushed an Ionian Greek force of 6,000 hoplites and 1,000 psiloi and sent their Athenian and Eritrean allies scuttling back to their ships.

We diced for sides and I drew the short straw and was in command of the Ionian Greeks! Our game pretty much followed the historical outcome, with the Greek psiloi broken early by the Persian cavalry then the Persian infantry and Lydian hoplites fighting it out against the Greek hoplites. In the end we had to stop with the Greeks in a bad way and on the verge of breaking. The Athenian hoplites on the left flank were shaken, attacked to the front and flank, but still hanging on grimly. Thanks to Rick for a fun game. This is a good scenario to try out if you're sick of losing games with your Persians against Greeks!

Persian infantry

Action on the Greek right flank

Greek psiloi are ridden down by the Persian cavalry

The fighting continues on the left

Athenian hoplites hang on grimly

Saturday, 18 January 2014

More Early Achaemenid Persian Infantry

Here are a few photos of another unit of Persian Sparabara and archers for my Early Achaemenid Persian army. Figures are by Old Glory, Vendel, Essex and Wargames Factory. I've painted most of them in pretty simple block colours which work OK I think. People often seem to go crazy with colours and patterns when painting Persians and the results are not always the best. The back drop photo was taken in central Anatolia in Turkey, at the ancient Hittite capital of Hatussa (modern Boğazköy). 


Monday, 13 January 2014

Battle of Hangman's Creek

View of the table - Union forces on the left

View from the other end

Union camp and brigade on the left flank

Central Union brigade

Confederate forces advance on to the table

Confederate brigade in the centre

Confederate brigade on the right

Last Sunday Craig, Gary, Josh and I met at the Vikings Club in Lanyon, for the monthly meeting of the Capital Region Wargames Club. We played a fictional American Civil War scenario, called Daybreak at Hangman's Creek, taken from the Black Powder rule book (pp.146-15). This involved a Confederate attack at dawn on a Union held camp, town and munitions factory with the aim being to capture one or more of these places.

They were three brigades a side, with Craig and I commanding the Union forces, while Gary and Josh had the tough task of trying to capture these objectives. In the end it was too much and the Rebs, while breaking one Union brigade, failed to capture any of the objectives, and the game ended with their right and central brigades broken. Thanks to Craig, Gary and Josh for another fun, fast ACW Black Powder game. There was quite a good turn out for the first meeting of the year and there are a few photos of some of the other games played further down in the post.

Union picket line of my troops in open order - Go Boys give 'em Hell!

Confederate right flank advances

 The Rebs swarm forward

Rebs right and centre attack the Union camp and town

Union right flank finally advances

Rebs' right and centre are driven back

Union right flank engages in desultory fire

Reb's right and centre brigades are broken at the end 

Here are some photos of the other games played at the club. Apologies to the players involved as I'm not sure of the details of some of these games and I only got a single photo of some of them. Below are photos of Doc's lovely Black Powder Napoleonic game with the defence of a village against Russians.

Greg and Ian's 'Closing the Gap' practice participation game for Cancon 2014, Orcs attacking.

John and Roger's 15mm Napoleonics game.

DBMM 15mm ancients  game.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Aventine Triarii

Happy New Year for 2014 to everyone! Here is a small unit of Republican Roman Triarii, figures by Aventine Miniatures, with LBM shield transfers and vexillum, that I finished over the Xmas/New Year break, for my first post of the new year. It has been pretty quite on the gaming and painting front, though I did manage a game of Saga after Xmas. Craig's Saracens armed with naphtha (hitting on 2+) easily accounting for my Steppes Tribes!