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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Celts and Gladiators

Here are a few photos of another warband and more skirmishers for my Celts. Figures are a mix of A&A Miniatures, Renegade, 1st Corps, Vendel/Sgt Major's and Warlord, plus a few ranges that I'm not sure  about. The final shot is of some old Gladiator Games gladiators (now Black Hat Miniatures), with left to right, a Diamacherus, Samnite, Hoplomachus and Retiarius. 

I have quite a big collection of 25/28mm gladiators and spectators by Foundry, Crusader and Steve Barber Models, including the very nice resin gladiator arena. Studio Tomahawk has recently released Jugula, a new card driven set of gladiator rules, which I'm really looking forward to, hopefully I will get my copy in the mail next week. I have also bought quite a few of the new plastic box sets released at Salute but haven't had time to assemble them yet, let alone paint them. 

Monday, 14 April 2014

Galatians versus Early Seleucids

View of the table - Galatians on the left, Seleucids  on the right

Opposite end of the table

Galatian left flank

Galatian right flank

Seleucid right flank

Seleucid left flank

First turn - some are keener than others!

Seleucid pike & Thracians screened by Cretan archers

Last Sunday Gary and I met at the Viking Club in Conder for the monthly meeting of the Capital Region Wargames Club. We played a Hail Caesar game of two divisions and 330 points  a side, with Gary commanding an early Seleucid army, while I commanded a Galatian army. Here are photos of our game and further on in the post, are a few photos of the other games played. We both managed to sell some unwanted figures, rules and books at the bring and buy table and both came away with some other rules…

The Galatians charged in early and unsurprisingly the warbands bounced against the Seleucid pike. Despite this they had their moments, and after breaking the Seleucid cavalry, the Galatian Noble cavalry managed a sweeping advance onto the flank of a Seleucid phalanx. This looked very promising for a while, but they were disordered and weren't able to finish off the pike. Eventually the Galatian left flank broke. On the right flank the warbands were able to drive back the shaken Seleucid pike, but it was too little too late, the battle had already been lost. Thanks to Gary for a fun game.

Argyraspides (Silver Shields), Chalkaspides (Bronze Shields )  & peltasts

Warbands on right seem reluctant to impale themselves on pike!

Galatian Frenzied Charge in action

Warbands on the right finally advance

Galatian Noble cavalry hit a Seleucid phalanx in the flank

Getting ready for the charge

Galatian chariots and Seleucid cavalry fight on the right

Galatian left flank breaks and the survivors head for the hills

Galatian right drive back the Seleucid pike but the battle is lost!

Here are a couple of photos of the other games played last Sunday.

Greg's Dark Ages game

David's 15mm SYW Black Powder game

David's 15mm DBA game

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Boudicea Almost Triumphant

View of the table - Iceni on the left & Romans right

View from the opposite end

Boudicea exhorts her warbands

Iceni right flank - chariots and light cavalry

Iceni Medium Cavalry

Iceni left flank - chariots and light cavalry

Suetonius Paulinus' left flank

The Roman right flank

On Wednesday night my mate Rick came around to my place, for our first game with my recently recruited Celts. The scenario was Boudicea's rebellion with Rick as Suetonius Paulinus, commanding two identical divisions of Early Imperial Romans (330 points), while I was Boudicea with two divisions of Iceni and the same number of points.

The game got off to a rollicking start with the Iceni surging forward, anxious to get to grips with the Romans. The Iceni medium cavalry, supported by chariots and light cavalry quickly charged in and broke a Roman auxiliary cavalry unit and drove back its supporting auxilia. On the right flank the Iceni chariots and light cavalry inflicted heavy casualties with ranged fire before countercharging in response to the Roman auxiliary cavalry charge.

The Iceni warbands were then able to charge home against the Romans. The Roman line held firm, with some units of legionaries, electing to close ranks on the first turn of the charge. One auxilia unit however, was broken and the victorious warband was able to make a sweeping advance on to the flank of a legionary unit, and it in turn, was also broken and the commander wounded.

Up to this point, Fortuna had appeared to desert the Roman cause, but capricious as ever she changed sides again. The Roman auxiliary cavalry on the the Iceni right flank, despite being shaken, were able to drive back the Iceni chariots and light cavalry. Back in the centre Paulinus' legionaries were then able to break two Iceni warbands in succession, while a third hung on grimly, no doubt inspired by Boudicea's fierce shrieking and fiery locks.

At this stage of the game we had run out of time. The Iceni initial success had been reversed by a strong Roman come back. While both sides had suffered casualties, neither had a broken division or a significant advantage and game ended in a bloody draw. Thanks to Rick for a fun game and the chance to get my Celts on the table for the first time.

Boudicea advances
Iceni and Roman auxilia charge on the left

Veteran legionaries advance

The Iceni warbands charge

Troops on the right flank close

Auxilia on the Iceni right - drive back the chariots & cavalry

Action on the right flank

Iceni break a legionary unit

Thursday, 3 April 2014


Here are a few photos off my take on the Warlord Boudicea figure and chariot with an accompanying Iceni noble, driver and chariot by Renegade Miniatures. The Boudicea figure, henchman, chariot and ponies are all really detailed and a lot of fun to paint. By comparison the Renegade horses are massive - nineteen hands at least - not at all how I imagine Ancient Briton ponies, but I quite like the figures nevertheless.