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Friday, 30 May 2014

Hannibal and Republican Roman Command

Here are a few photos of Hannibal and his standard bearer and a Republican Roman Legion Command stand. Hannibal and the standard bearer are by 1st Corps Miniatures and the Republican Romans are the new metal Legion Command pack by Agema Miniatures, all are very detailed figures that are excellent  to paint. The standard bearer has a Successor LBM transfer on his shield of an elephant which I really like.

The Agema Legion Command consists of a Consul, a Tribune and two of the Consul's twelve lictors bearing his fasces (bundle of rods and an axe) which symbolise his authority and the power to inflict corporal or capital punishment. I'm still painting my plastic Agema Hastati and metal Maniple Command but hopefully all of these figures will see action soon in a Punic Wars game.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Gladiators for Jugula

Here are a few photos of the new 35mm Gripping Beast gladiators that were released for Jugula. While I have plenty of 28mm gladiators already, these are very nice figures and a lot of fun to paint. The bigger scale does look good on the Jugula playing mat as well and the LBM shield transfers are excellent as ever. I ordered the Familia One pack of spare weapons, shields and helmets and so will get more of these to make up enough for two sides with a four gladiator game.

I played a couple more games of Jugula, during the week with Rick, which we both really enjoyed. The use of the cards is really clever and it really pays to be patient and build up your hand before launching an attack! I suspect that Jugula may become a favourite set of skirmish rules and  plan to finish painting my Steve Barber arena complete with spectators, and the rest of my unpainted 28mm gladiator collection, for use with these and other gladiator rules.





Sunday, 18 May 2014

First game of Jugula

First game of Jugula

Second game of Jugula

My gladiator collection - mainly unpainted!

Josh's gladiator collection

On Sunday I met Josh at the Vikings Club for the monthly meeting of the Capital Region Wargames Club. We played three games of Jugula, the recently released Studio Tomahawk gladiator rules. These rules are card driven and the players (two to four) are lanistae each with a ludus of gladiators. The gladiators are two or four in number,  chosen from twelve different common types and classed as either light or heavy. There are three types of card used in the game and each individual player needs a set of these cards to play.

There are twelve Armaturae cards which have the different armour and equipment types, particular traits and the actual stats of each gladiator. The reverse side is used if you are wounded and has the same information but at a reduced level, usually by one. There are twelve Jugula cards which are what you use mainly, with a reshuffle of your discard deck, once you have played them all. The twelve Prima Jugula cards are more powerful than the standard Jugula cards and choosing one of these is one of five options you have to play with each card.

Jugula is innovative and quite tactical and is really designed to be played as a campaign. About half of the rule book covers this but it works fine just as a quick pick up game. 28mm figures or the lovely new GB 35mm gladiators are all OK. The rules have a printed arena (8 by 8 squares) included with them but you do need at least two sets of cards to play.We found a couple of dice handy when working out our respective attack and defence scores.

Speaking of which Josh slaughtered me in three straight games. The four gladiator games certainly offer  more potential for ganging up on individuals and I found, to my cost that being up against the wall, is a one way ticket out of the arena. Thanks to Josh for a fun introduction to Jugula and a lesson on how to use the cards!

Below are two photos of recently painted gladiators, all are Crusader figures except for the final figure on the right in the bottom photo, which is by Foundry. The different gladiator types are, left to right, in the top photo, a Secutor, Veles, Thraex (Thracian), Lacqearius, Hoplomachus, Saggitarius and Provocator. In the bottom photo we have a Scissor or Contra-Retiarius, Murmillo, Retiarius, Crupellarius, Veles and Lacqearius.

Below are a few photos of the other games played at the club on Sunday .

Clinton's computer moderated ACW sea & land game

Greg and Ian's Regimental Fire & Fury ACW game

Craig's Ronin ambush scenario

Friday, 9 May 2014

Victrix Greek Archers

Here are a few photos of the Greek archers that you get as part of the new plastic Victrix Greek Unarmoured Hoplites and Archers box set. You get eight archers and forty eight unarmoured hoplites in a box. This is the perfect size for a small unit of skirmishers in Hail Caesar, the way I have my unit sizes - hence the movement tray. These archers are simply superb figures, highly detailed with great animated poses and compare more than favourably with most existing metal ranges. There are some comparison shots below.

I had a few issues with my order (missing sprues and transfers) but Julian kindly sent replacements. My painting hasn't really done justice to these figures but there are some superb painted examples on the Vicrix website of these figures, the unarmoured Hoplites, as well as their other new box set of Greek peltasts and slingers and a preview of their forth coming Republican Roman legionaries sets. Definitely worth checking out if you haven't already done so!

L to R Vendel, Foundry, Victrix, Gorgon, Tin Soldier.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Agema Miniatures Triarii

Agema Miniatures Triarii

Here are a few photos of the new plastic Agema Miniatures' kneeling Triarii. I have some of their metal command figures on order, which will probably take forever to arrive down under, so have taken a few pics with some Crusader command figures. I was impressed last year with the detail and quality of their Velites box set (see post on Agema Miniatures Velites ) and the new forty figure Republican Roman Legionaries box set does not disappoint.

In the box you get sixteen Hastati, sixteen Principes and eight kneeling Triarii with various options in heads, helmets, arms and weapons. I have my Hastati in poses throwing their pila, while the Principes are standing, with pila at the ready. The number of figures in the box is ideal for me (playing Hail Caesar), as with the addition of four command figures to each, I will be able to get two small units of twelve for both the Hastati and Principes, and one small unit of twelve for the Triarii.

I decided not to use any of the arms with gladius as I hate having to cut off the hilt and pommel of the gladius in the scabbard! The Triarii are a bit difficult to paint and base because of the kneeling pose. All are excellent figures - very detailed, realistic anatomically, 28mm tall but slighter figures compared to some of the chunkier 28mm metal ranges (see comparison photos below).

Given this great new release and the stunning three Victrix Republican Roman box sets to be released later this year, ancient war gamers are really spoilt for choice with all the plastic and metal Republican Roman ranges out there!

Agema Triarii with Crusader Republican Roman Command

L to R Aventine, Agema and Crusader Triarii

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Caesarian Romans versus Gauls

View of the table

Opposite end

Slightly different view

The mighty Gallic horde!

Caesar's Romans - ruthlessly professional

Gallic right wing surges forward

On Wednesday night last week, Rick came over to my place and we played a Hail Caesar game, with Rick commanding Caesarian Romans while I had the Gauls. Both armies consisted of two divisions, at 340 points each. Unfortunately it was another brutal lesson for the Celtic pretenders! Here are a few photos of our game.

The Gauls surged forward on the right wing and my Gallic cavalry quickly charged the Roman allied German cavalry. The Gallic cavalry had the advantage of a supporting small unit of light cavalry, but rolled badly and broke after the first round, with the supporting unit driven back.

Caesar's legionaries, with clinical precision, launched a charge on the Gallic infantry and hurled their pila into the stunned warbands, before closing with gladius at the ready. Two warbands broke immediately and a third was exposed with a Roman sweeping advance onto its flank.

Back on the left wing the cavalry clash had also favoured the Romans. Eventually my Gallic and allied German warbands charged the Roman cohorts there and broke one unit but by this time the final Gallic warband on the right had broken. The entire Gallic right wing division had every formed unit broken. For Caesar's men it was just another day of slaughtering and enslaving Gallic tribes! Thanks to Rick for a fun game.

Gallic and German cavalry clash

Gallic cavalry are broken and driven back

Gallic warbands are broken

Gauls on the left advance

Final Gallic warband on the right is broken

Gauls on the left break a Roman cohort