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Friday, 22 August 2014

Almoravid Moors - Warlord and Archers

Here are a few photos of my Almoravid Moors for the new Saga supplement, The Crescent and the Cross. These are my Warlord and levies (archers). The Warlord and four of the archers are by Artizan Designs, while the rest of the archers are from The Gripping Beast plastic set Arab Spearmen & Archers. They're all really nice figures and fun to paint.

The good thing with these figures for Saga is I have movement trays for circular bases which match the dimensions of the standard units I use in Hail Caesar (8 x 3 figures, 160mm x 60mm) but only 6 x 3 unit size, so I can use them for both rule sets, always a bonus!

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Bronze Age Slingers

This is my first post for quite a while, we've been off on holidays for a couple of weeks - bushwalking and camping in Central Australia, escaping the cold of a Southern Hemisphere winter! Here are some Cutting Edge levy slingers which can be used with many different bronze age armies. I'll be using them for my Amorite Kingdom/Hammurabic Babylonian armies but they're pretty versatile skirmishers.

Not much to report on the painting or gaming front but I did receive my copy of the latest Saga supplement for the Crusades - The Crescent and the Cross, which looks excellent. I have hardly played Saga all year but look forward to some more games and I'm currently painting some Almoravid Moors. The figures are mainly the Gripping Beast plastic spearmen and archers but I have a large metal army already of the Gripping Beast and Artizan Moors.