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Friday, 26 September 2014

Victrix Triarii

Following on from the Republican Roman Leves last week, here are photos of a unit of Triarii, or hasta armed Principes, from the new Victrix plastic set, Rome's Legion's of the Repubulic (I). Transfers are by Victrix but not available on the LBM site. The close up shots below are with a new Macro lense I bought recently for my camera.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Victrix Republican Roman Leves


Here are a few photos of a small unit of Leves from the new plastic Victrix Republican Roman box sets. You get 18 light infantry per 60 figure box and these can be made up as Velites or the earlier Leves. What can I say about these Victrix figures? Short answer they just keep getting better and better, both in the detail and quality of figures, ease of construction, value for money and variety of poses! I've included two comparison shots of these with some Aventine Leves below, the Aventine figures have slightly thicker bases and longer javelins. Republican Roman wargamers are sure spoilt for choice!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Macedonians versus Indians

View of the table

Indian left flank and centre

Indian Elephants in the centre

Close up of my troops

The Macedonian line

Both armies advance

Cavalry clash on Indian right flank

Macedonian cavalry are driven back

Last Sunday at the Vikings Club, Garry, Bern and I played a Macedonian versus Pauravan Indian, Hail Caesar game with three divisions and 400 points a side. Paurava was the ancient Indian kingdom, ruled by King Porus, in what is now the Punjab, Pakistan. Garry was Alexander, while Bern and I were the Indian commanders. Here are a few photos of the game which was hard fought and went right down to the wire with the result, only decided in the final turn.

The Macedonians deployed all their cavalry on their left flank and advanced and charged the opposing Indian cavalry, hoping to smash them and then roll up the Indian line. The Indian cavalry were surprisingly resilient and managed to hold out and even drove back some of the Macedonians. In the centre the Macedonian pike lumbered into action and closed with the Indian elephants and infantry, after enduring several rounds of bow fire.

On the Indian left flank a highlight for me was breaking a phalanx by ranged fire – Garry rolled snake eyes on the break test! This flank was a bit of a stalemate for several turns as the Macedonian pike refused to charge the four horse Indian heavy chariots (who could counter charge them), while the chariots were unable to charge the pike to the front but maintained constant fire in the hope of disrupting the Macedonian line.

Eventually the Indian cavalry on the right were broken by Alexander’s Companions but Alexander died in the deciding melee. The Indian left flank then also collapsed and broke when the pike charged the Indian infantry. In the centre Bern went within a tiger’s whisker of breaking the Macedonians with his Indian ellies but it was not to be. Despite this the Indians performed well above expectations against the Macedonian war machine. Thanks to Garry and Bern for a fun and interesting game that had us all guessing right up to the last turn.

Indian left flank closes within bow range

Indian Elephants take on the pike in the centre

Indian left flank gets in some target practice

Indian right flank feels the pressure

Indian left flank about to unravel

Action in the centre

Indian left flank collapses

Indian elephants try to break the centre

Monday, 8 September 2014

Saga at Good Games

A big ugly unit of Viking Hearthguard with Warlord

Game One - The massacre of the Moors

Moorish Levy Archers are exhausted (x 4)!

The massacre continues

Game Two - Perry Ghulams (Hearthguard)

Arab Ghazis (Warriors) & Seljuk Archers (Levy)

More Ghulams and the Saracen Warlord

Vikings advance

Vikings and Saracens go toe to toe

Last Sunday at Good Games in Conder, Craig, Jeff and I played two Saga games each using Saracens, Vikings and Moors. Here are some photos of the three games played featuring Craig's lovely painted Saracens from the Perry Muslim range. The Moors were massacred in the first game; the second game went down to the wire with a single victory point's difference in favour of the Vikings; while the third game was close but the Saracens emerged victorious.

Saracens hunt down Vikings cowering behind the rocks

More foot action

Game Three - The Moors advance

The Black Guard get stuck in

Moorish archers copy it

Saracens hit and run

Black Guard whittle down the Saracen warriors

Moorish archers are despatched

The Black Guard go down swinging

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Almoravid Moors - Berber Spearmen

Following on from my last post, here are some Berber spearmen for my Almoravid Moors. All of these figures are from the Gripping Beast plastic set Arab Spearmen and Archers, with LBM shield transfers. In terms of the new Saga supplement, The Crescent and the Cross, these are two units of warriors, although I may run some of them as Black Guard, who count as Hearthguard. I've painted them all with cane spears and most have the litham Arabic for 'veil' - hence al-mulathimun 'the veiled ones'. The photos below show the same figures in a mixed spearmen and archer unit on a movement tray for Hail Caesar.