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Friday, 3 July 2015

Spanish Caetrati

Here are a few pics of two small units of Spanish Caetrati for my Carthaginian, Spanish and Celtiberian armies. The figures are a mix of Crusader Miniatures and Companion Miniatures. The Crusader figures were part of a big batch of second hand painted figures I bought a while ago and the Companion figures were painted by me. In the Hail Caesar army lists for the Spanish and Celtiberians, the Caetrati can be a sub-unit of Spanish medium cavalry and move at the same speed while adding useful support, a bit like chariot runners in bronze age armies.


  1. ANother great looking unit Cyrus, dynamic and beautiful!

  2. Can't have enough Caetrati!

  3. Looking very nice indeed Cyrus!

  4. Great looking Spaniards, Mike. Your Carthaginian army is growing impressively.

  5. Thanks for the comments gents.