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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Lion Rampant - Crusaders vs Saracens - The Convoy

The Saracen convoy deployed  in the village

View of the table with Bern's Crusader retinue in the foreground

My Crusader retinue

Crusader Mounted Men-at-Arms attack Saracen foot

Seljuk horse archers

More horse archers

Last Sunday Craig, Bern and I met at the Vikings Club in Lanyon for a game of Lion Rampant. The scenario was the convoy - Craig commanded two 24 point retinues of Saracens (combined Egyptian and Seljuk retinues), and attempted to escort his baggage camels from a village, off to the opposite edge of the board. Bern and I had 24 point retinues of Crusaders each and our aim was to prevent this.

The convoy got off to a good start but eventually the Crusader Men-at Arms advanced and were able to make wild charges into the Saracens. In the end the Crusaders captured two of the three baggage camels and routed one Saracen retinue but suffered heavy casualties themselves. This was a tough scenario for the Saracens to win as at best they had Mounted Serjeants, Fierce Foot and Foot Yeomen fighting the Crusader Men-at Arms. Thanks to Craig and Bern for a fun game.

Both sides take heavy casualties

Saracen convoy advances

Bern's Crusaders advance into action

Saracen/Egyptian foot with baggage camels

Bern's Men-at Arms make another Wild Charge


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Michael, it was a tough scenario for the Saracens.

  2. Fantastic looking game Cyrus!

  3. Impressive and beautiful figures Cyrus, a very nice report!

    1. Thanks Phil, hopefully play LR a bit more next year.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Christopher, hopefully I will have my Berber retinue painted for LR soon.

  5. Super looking game - just played this myself for the first time and it's very enjoyable :)

  6. Thanks Mike, LR is a lot of fun - looking forward to the colonial and pike and shot rules next year.