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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Norman Pueri

Here are a few photos of some Norman Pueri who served as light cavalry in a Norman army. These young men would have consisted of poorer knights, squires and tenant farmers. The figures are a mix of Crusader, Gripping Beast, Essex and Conquest Games.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Mithridatic Pontic versus Marian Romans Redux

View of the table

The opposite end

Mithridates' Pontic army

Another view of the armies

Romans and Pontics advance

Pontics charge the Roman right flank 

Last Tuesday night my mate Rick came over to my place and we had a two division, four hundred point, Hail Caesar game with Mithridatic Pontics versus Marian Romans. Here are a few photos of our game. Rick was Mithridates, while I was the hated Roman commander. This was actually a rematch of a two division, three hundred point game, Garry and I played back in 2011:

Mithridates had quite a strong cavalry force with a unit of Pontic Guard Heavy Cavalry, a unit of Pontic Heavy Cavalry, units of Sarmatian and Armenian cataphracts, as well as four supporting small units of light cavalry with two horse archers and javelin armed cavalry each. The Pontic infantry comprised three phalanxes of pikemen, a warband of Basternae and six small units of skirmishers. The Romans had a much stronger infantry force with six units of legionaries, and various allies in the form of a Galatian warband, a Thracian warband and six small units of skirmishers. On each Roman flank, a unit of Gallic cavalry, was supported by a single small unit of light cavalry.

The game was closely fought with the both cavalry on the Roman right flank broken fairly early, but a protracted pike versus pila melee ensued. On the Roman left flank the Pontic guard cavalry were able to drive back and then break the Gallic cavalry. Meanwhile the infantry had closed and the Sarmatian cataphracts charged the allied Thracian warband. After breaking the Thracians, the Sarmatians made a sweeping advance and charged into the flanks of two Roman legionary units. The Roman left flank division was broken and the Pontics on the right Roman flank were able to hang on although hard pressed. Thanks to Rick for a fun game.

Pike versus pila on the right flank

Cavalry clash on Roman right flank

Armenian cataphracts charge a Galatian warband 

Galatians break the Armenian cataphracts

Pontic Guard Cavalry break the Roman Gallic cavalry

Sarmatian cataphracts charge the allied Thracian warband

Sarmatian cataphracts break the Roman left flank

Saturday, 10 January 2015

More Normans

Happy 2015 to everyone! Here are some photos of various units for my Normans which I've finally got around to finishing off. I haven't done anything with these figures, apart from the odd game of Saga, for years but I'm quite keen to try them out with Lion Rampant, the Medieval skirmish rules and will soon have enough painted figures for two Norman retinues of twenty four points.

The figures are a mix of Crusader Miniatures and Gripping Beast. Looking through the army lists in the rules it is pretty straightforward to use existing Saga warbands and various other medieval armies I already have to make up another dozen or so retinues. Some, like the Normans, will not require much additional painting.