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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Late Achaemenid Persian Commanders

Here are a few photos of some Late Achaemenid Persian Commanders that I've just finished painting. One of the figures is Essex while the other three are Foundry figures sculpted by Martin Buck and sold on their Casting Room Miniatures site. I have some light cavalry from the same range which I intend to combine in units with the plastic Wargames Factory Persian light cavalry, but missed out on the Persian heavy cavalry which unfortunately sold out.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Battle of Leuctra 371 BC - Command and Colors Ancients

Spartans on the left, Thebans on the right
Opposite end
Spartan right under Cleombrotos
Spartan cavalry

Theban left under Epaminondas
Theban cavalry
Theban left advances
Spartan cavalry retreat
Spartan cavalry counter attack

Last Tuesday night Rick came over to my place and we played a Command Colors Ancients scenario, the Battle of Leuctra 371 BC, with my 28mm armies and my recently acquired Hotz gaming mat. We used the standard Leuctra scenario, the only special rule was that the Theban Sacred Band was a special unit and scored a hit for each leader symbol rolled in close combat and could ignore one flag. The Thebans had six command cards and moved first while the Spartans only had five. Victory was only four banners (you get a banner for each unit you destroyed) but we change this to six as the game proved to be quite close. I used four foot figures on a 40mm by 40mm frontage and two cavalry figures on a 50mm by 50mm frontage to represent a single unit block and the gaming mat had five inch hexes with no terrain. We diced for sides and I rolled the Theban commander Epaminondas, leading the Boeotian League forces, while Rick was the Spartan King Cleombrotos, leading the Spartans and allies.

The Theban cavalry quickly attacked the outnumbered Spartan cavalry in the centre and forced them to retreat. The Spartans counter attacked but were destroyed. On the Theban left flank Epaminondas led his massed hoplites in an attack on Cleombrotos’s Spartans. This started well but ended badly with the premature death of Epaminondas and the destruction of two Spartan HI hoplite units! The game hung in the balance, could the Thebans regain the initiative or would the Spartans prevail? Fortunately for the Thebans the Sacred Band was still at full strength and was able to advance, engage and kill Cleombrotos and his unit. At this point in the game the Spartan and allies advanced in the centre and on their left flank but time was running out. A fortunate double time card saw the Theban Sacred Band wiping out the remaining Spartan hoplite and peltast units, the entire Spartan right flank was destroyed. Thanks to Rick for a fun game, which could so easily have gone the other way.

Spartans and allies advance

Thebans attack Spartan right

Epaminondas and troops are killed

The game hangs in the balance

Can the Thebans recover?
Or will the Spartans prevail?
The Theban Sacred Band close in

View at the end of the game

The Spartan right flank is destroyed