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Friday, 24 April 2015

Victrix Libyan Javelinmen

Here are a few photos of some Libyan javelin men which I've just finished painting from the new Victorix plastic set, Warriors of Carthage. There are fourteen figures and I've added two Gripping Beast figures to make two small eight man units for Hail Caesar or one sixteen man unit for Command and Colors.

The GB figures have thicker bases and can be seen in the front rank in the second set of photos below. Both the Victorix and GB are really great figures to paint. I've assembled, undercoated and based units of Veterans and Liby-Phoenician spearmen so I will post photos of these once I have finished painting them.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Battle of Bagradas 253 BC, First Punic War - Command and Colors Ancients

View of the game with the Romans in the foreground

View from the Carthaginian side

The Republican Roman army deployed

Roman medium cavalry are destroyed

The Carthaginians advance

Carthaginian elephants attack the Roman infantry

Last Wednesday night I met Rick at the Vikings Club and we played a Command and Colors Ancients scenario, the Battle of Bagradas 253 BC from the First Punic War. Here are a few photos of our game played with 28mm figures on a five inch hex gaming mat. Some of the figures used were substitutes as my Carthaginian army is mainly unpainted at this stage. Rick was the Carthaginian commander (a Spartan mercenary called Xanthippus ) while I was the Roman Consul Regulus. In the scenario the Carthaginians had a numerical advantage in troops, commanders and command cards - six compared to the Romans' four and seven victory banners were required to win the game. Four of the usual suspects (Greg, Ian, Fred and co) were also there playing a WW2 game set in the jungle of Burma in 1943.

In the historical battle the Romans were slaughtered and Regulus was captured by the Carthaginians. Polybius' account of the Battle of Bagradas 253 BC (Polybius Histories, Book 1. 31-33), in case you’re interested, can be read here:*.html#33

The Carthaginians advanced and attacked on their right flank quickly destroying the Roman medium cavalry and light cavalry. The Carthaginians elephants then advanced in the centre and attacked the Roman infantry. The Romans held and forced the Carthaginian elephants to retreat directly in front of their heavy infantry. Some opportune cards in the form of line command and double time then enabled the Romans to advance rapidly in the centre. The Carthaginians responded by attacking with their warrior infantry in the centre. The Romans attacked the Carthaginian elephants in turn, forcing them to retreat and their rampage caused heavy casualties to their own side. Eventually the elephants were all killed but the Carthaginians were able to destroy the final Roman unit for victory with a closely fought seven to six result. Thanks to Rick for a cracking and highly enjoyable game!

The elephants are forced to retreat

Romans advance rapidly in the centre

Carthaginians charge with their Warrior infantry

Action on the Roman right flank

Carthaginian elephants rampage and cause havoc while retreating

The surviving elephant attacks the Roman infantry again

The Carthaginians destroy the final Roman unit to win

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Seleucids versus Republican Romans

View of the table

Seleucid right flank

Seleucid Elephant and Argyraspides (Silver Shields)

The ill-omened Seleucid left flank!

Roman left flank

Roman cavalry take on the Seleucid Agema Cataphracts

Last Sunday Gary, Bern, Garry and I met at the Vikings Club and we played a 550 point, three division Hail Caesar game with Republican Roman versus Seleucid Successors. Gary and Bern were the Roman commanders, while Garry was Antiochus III with two divisions and I commanded a single ill-omened division on the Seleucid left flank. Here are a few photos of our game.

This Seleucid versus Republican Roman game was actually pretty funny, as I rolled a blunder early in the game and my entire division retreated off the table for two moves and every unit took a casualty! The Roman commanders were wiping tears of laughter from their eyes. Eventually I was able to order the division back on and I even managed to break a few Roman units but it was all over red rover… poor Garry had to fight three Roman divisions on his own with only two Seleucid divisions, most of the game. Thanks to Gary, Bern and Garry for a fun game.

The Seleucid left flank blunders and retreats!

Seleucid centre and right flank advance

Romans charge in the centre

Roman left flank

A Seleucid phalanx receives Roman attention

Action in the centre and on the Seleucid right flank

The Seleucid Silver Shields vainly try to hold on

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Victrix Italian Allies

Here are three photos of a unit of Victrix Italian Allies I've just finished painting. These took a fair while to do but I'm quite pleased with the end result. I'm really looking forward to the recently released Victrix Carthaginians which I've pre-ordered, but postage down under takes forever, so I'll finish of some Wargames Factory plastic Greek Hoplites I've been working on in the meantime.