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Friday, 26 June 2015

Carthaginians versus Republican Romans

Carthaginians left, Romans right

View from the other end

Carthaginian right flank advances

Gallic and Italian cavalry clash

Gallic and Numidian cavalry break the Roman cavalry 

Here are a few photos of a Carthaginians versus Republican Romans game, we played earlier in the month, which I haven't had time to post before. Thanks to Craig, Gary and Bern for the game which was close but found the Romans rather brittle with their small units compared to the Carthaginian standard sized units.

Roman infantry break the Gallic and Numidian cavalry

Action on Carthaginian left flank

Carthaginian Veterans and Roman Principes fight

Side view of the battle line

Romans are charged in the flank by a Gallic warband

We've been away bushwalking and camping in the Flinders Ranges of South Australia for the last two weeks so I thought I'd include a few holiday snaps. A very big thank you to the unknown, kind and generous person/s who returned my lost camera to the Visitors Centre at Wilpena Pound!

Parachilna Gorge

Port Lincoln Ringed Neck Parrot

View of the Heysen Range from the ABC Range

Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby in Brachina Gorge

Rainbow in the fog on Mt Remarkable

Friday, 12 June 2015

Carthaginians versus Gauls

Carthaginians on the left, Gauls on the right

Opposite end

Carthaginian Veterans and Italian allies

Gallic army advances

Gallic cavalry on the left flank

Carthaginian Gallic cavalry supported by Numidian cavalry

As I mentioned in my last post here are some photos of a Carthaginians versus Gauls, Hail Caesar game we had about a week ago. Garry commanded the Carthaginians while I had the Gauls, both armies were 340 points and two divisions. It was an interesting game, quite hard fought but neither of us were able to gain the upper hand for very long and in the end it finished in a draw with both sides unbroken. Thanks to Garry for a fun game.

Cavalry close on both flanks

Spanish and Gallic cavalry get stuck in

Spanish cavalry are driven back

Gallic cavalry are charged in the flank by an elephant and break

Action in the centre

Fighting on the Gallic right flank

Game peters out to a draw

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Spanish Cavalry

Here are a few photos of some Spanish cavalry that I've just finished painting. Figures are by Wargames Foundry and A&A Miniatures. These Spanish cavalry saw action in a Carthaginians versus Gauls game we played last week and acquitted themselves unusually well in their first outing - perhaps because I hadn't finished painting them? I'll post photos of the game shortly.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Greeks versus Early Achaemenid Persians

View of table

Opposite end

Greek hoplites advance screened by psiloi

Greek line advances

Last Wednesday night my mate Rick came over to my place and we played a two division, 340 points Hail Caesar game with Greeks versus Early Achaemenid Persians. Rick commanded the Greeks and I was in charge of the Early Persians. It was a freezing night, it has been minus five to minus seven most of the week here, and it wasn't exactly tropical in our garage. The Greeks were to give the Persians a pretty frosty reception in our game, here are a few photos of the action.

Initially both sides advanced cautiously, I was hoping - rather optimistically, to disrupt the Greek line with ranged fire and get in a flank charge with my cavalry. The Greek hoplites charged the Persian right flank and quickly broke the Immortals and forced a second unit to give ground repeatedly until it was driven from the table. The Persians did mange to break one Greek hoplite unit but by the time we called it quits, before hypothermia set in, both Persian divisions were on the verge of breaking. Thanks to Rick for a fun game. The Persians don't win very often but are definitely a challenge to play!

Both sides advance cautiously

Greeks charge Persian right flank

Greeks make short work of the Persian right flank

Most of the Persians break or give ground

Persian left flank is on the verge of breaking