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Friday, 24 July 2015

Hittite Spearmen

Here are a few photos of some Hittite spearmen I've just finished painting. The spearmen are all Miniature Design Studios figures with Foundry command. I really like these figures, they are based on the illustrations in Trevor Bryce's Hittite Warrior Osprey book and have rather mournful or wistful expressions on their faces. I guess a forced march from central Anatolia to southern Syria might do that to you! All the MDS figures are still available on the Minifigs website and they have some great other ancient ranges too, definitely worth checking out. The back drop photo is of reconstructed walls and tower at the ancient Hittite capital of Hatussa (modern Boğazkale or Boğazköy).

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Hittites versus New Kingdom Egyptians

View of the table - Hittites on the left, NKE on the right

Opposite end

NKE left flank

Hittite commander

Hittite right flank advances

NKE on the left, Hittites on the right

Last Sunday Garry, Bern and I met at the Vikings Club for the monthly meeting of the Capital Region Wargames Club. We played a 330 points, two divisions game of Hail Caesar with Hittites versus New Kingdom Egyptians. Garry and Bern were the Hittite commanders, while I had the Egyptians. Here are a few photos of our game and apologies for some of the unfinished troops on the Hittite side!

I really love biblical/bronze age games but we don't seem to play them that often. On the day the Egyptians had a fair bit of luck and were able to break one of the Hittite divisions. The Egyptian medium infantry archers proved to be surprisingly effective both with their ranged fire and in combat. Thanks to Garry and Bern for a fun game. We have a rematch planned when I have finished painting all the Hittite infantry...

Egyptian chariots on the right flank

Egyptian commander and archers

Egyptian chariots and chariot runners 

Hittite chariots retire disordered from ranged fire

Action on the Egyptian left flank

Egyptian chariots break the Hittite chariots

Hittite chariots make a sweeping advance to no avail

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Normans versus Saxons - Lion Rampant game

View of table with the Normans already in trouble

Normans are battered and attempt to rally

Saxon Huscarls or Thegns

Saxon Ceorls are battered

Norman crossbowmen

Last Saturday Craig came over to my place and we played a Lion Rampant game with Normans versus Saxons. It was my second game of Lion Rampant and Craig's first and we both really enjoyed it. Here are a few photos of our game that I managed to take, later in the game, once the shadows from the feeble winter sun had receded. We used the 1066 retinues posted on the Dux Rampant forum and just played the bloodbath scenario.

Craig had the Saxons with two foot men-at arms, one unit of foot serjeants, two foot yeomen and one of bidowers. I had the Normans with three mounted serjeants, one unit of foot serjeants, one of archers and one of crossbowmen. I wasn't able to make much headway with my mounted serjeants against his foot men-at-arms and it wasn't long before they were battered and retreating. In the end Craig won convincingly with only my archers and crossbowmen remaining on the table. I think I prefer the Normans with mounted men-at-arms but it was an interesting and fun game.

Saxons advance

Battered Normans attempt to rally again

Normans and leader are slaughtered

End of game only Norman Archers and Crossbowmen remain

Friday, 3 July 2015

Spanish Caetrati

Here are a few pics of two small units of Spanish Caetrati for my Carthaginian, Spanish and Celtiberian armies. The figures are a mix of Crusader Miniatures and Companion Miniatures. The Crusader figures were part of a big batch of second hand painted figures I bought a while ago and the Companion figures were painted by me. In the Hail Caesar army lists for the Spanish and Celtiberians, the Caetrati can be a sub-unit of Spanish medium cavalry and move at the same speed while adding useful support, a bit like chariot runners in bronze age armies.