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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Republican Roman Velites

Here are two small units of Republican Roman Velites that I've finished recently. They are a mix of figures - Aventine, Crusader and Renegade. I've just started basing my skirmishers two to a 40mm base as this eliminates the need for movement trays with individually based figures, it looks good  and woks well with unit sizes that I use for Hail Caesar and Command and Colors Ancients.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Victrix Libyan Spearmen

Here is a unit of Victix Libyan Spearmen that I've just finished painting and basing. These chaps made an appearance in our Command and Colors Ancients game of the Battle of Zama last weekend but the bases weren't quite finished. I picked up some cheap ($20 a box) Warlord Caesarian legionaries from Alan last weekend at Little Wars and transfers from War and Peace games which actually cost more than the figures, so these will probably be up next.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Little Wars Canberra - Command & Colors Ancients - Battle of Zama

View of the table - Romans L, Carthaginians R

Opposite end

Hannibal's elephants

Hannibal leads his Veterans

Carthaginian right flank

Carthaginian left flank

Last Sunday the first Little Wars Canberra event was held at the Vikings Club in Lanyon and a fun time was had by all. While it was busier in the morning than in the afternoon, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves either playing games or spending their hard earned cash on figures, rules, paint, terrain or other modelling supplies. Thanks to Leigh, Ian, Greg and all the other guys at the club who organised it all.

Rick and I ran a Command and Colors Ancients game of the Battle of Zama. Gary, Chris and Michael were the Roman commanders and Garry and Michael were the Carthaginian commanders. For much of the game it was fairly level pegging but in the end the Romans won by eight victory banners to five. Thanks to everyone for playing. The photos of our game are followed by photos of some of the other games as well.

Masinissa's Numidian cavalry on the Roman right flank

Numidians advance

Numidians charge

Numidian are forced to retreat

Velites attack the elephants 

Numidians regroup

End of game 

Here are a few photos that I took of some of the other games at Little Wars Canberra.

54mm Napoleonic game 

15mm Black Powder game

28mm ACW game

Alan's Ned Kelly at the Glenrowan Hotel game

Craig's Ronin game with Bern taking it easy

28mm Muskets and Tomahawks

6mm game with Kallistra terrain