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Friday, 29 January 2016

Late Roman Dux Bellorum Game

View of the table

A big ballista and an ordinary shieldwall unit with snow

Noble shieldwall and ordinary shieldwall units

Mounted companions and noble riders

Last Saturday afternoon Craig came over to my place and we played a Dux Bellorum game with two Late Roman armies. Here are a few photos of our game. Craig, fresh from winning the Saga comp at Cancon last weekend with his Saracens, was the aggressor and in pretty good form with the dice. He soon had my troops back pedalling. My casualties quickly mounted and my leadership points were quickly depleted! In the end I managed to inflict a few casualties but failed a morale test with one unit and had only two units remaining on the table who promptly routed. Thanks to Craig for a fun game.

Cavalry fighting on the left flank

Side view of the game

Archers fighting a shield wall unit on the right flank

Action in the centre and on the left flank

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Late Roman Light Infantry

Here are some late Roman light infantry that I've just finished painting. The archers are by Crusader Miniatures and the javelinmen by Wargames Foundry. These are supposed to be a light infantry detachment of the Secundani Italiciani a legiones comitatenses unit who were stationed in Africa. I've also finished four unarmoured spearmen from the excellent Footsore Miniatures range to complete the ranks of my Auxilia Palatina unit, the Petulantes Seniores.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Battle of Tanagra

Spartans and allies on the right, Athenians and allies on the left

 Athenian generals consult the Oracles

Athenian right flank advances

Turncoat Thessalian cavalry evade Athenian peltasts' charge

Spartan right flank advances

The centre closes first

Last Sunday Craig, Bern, Gary and I met at the Vikings Club in Lanyon for a Hail Caesar game, a refight of the Battle of Tanagra 457 BC from the First Peloponnesian War (460-445 BC). In this rather obscure battle (Thucydides devotes a sentence to it), 14,000 Athenians and allies including some Thessalian cavalry under Myronides fought an allied Spartan army of about 11,500 (1,500 Spartan hoplites) under Nicodemes. The Thessalian cavalry joined the Spartan side during the battle and while both sides suffered heavy losses the Spartans eventually prevailed.

In our game Craig and Bern were the 'defenders of democracy' while Gary and I were the Spartan and allied commanders. The Athenians had a slight numerical advantage and chose to deploy in deeper formations rather than trying to out flank the Spartans and allies. The Athenian centre charged first and before long the Spartan centre and right were driven back. In the end the Athenian gained a minor victor but suffered heavy casualties and broke divisions themselves. The Spartan right and centre were forced to give ground repeatedly but proved to be surprisingly resilient and survived. Thanks to Craig, Bern and Gary for a fun game.

On a totally different topic, Craig has just has had his Renaissance skirmish rules, En Garde!, published by Osprey. These use the same combat system as his Ronin rules and look really good with the usual Osprey quality photos and illustrations. Osprey currently have a 25% off sale until the 31 of January so if this period interests you, now is a good time to pick them up!

Side view of the battle line

Spartan centre is driven back, while the flanks fight it out

Spartan left flank/Athenian right flank

Spartan right flank and centre are driven back

Spartan right flank gives ground

Side view from the Athenian right flank

Sunday, 3 January 2016

More Late Romans

Happy 2016 to everyone! My first post for the year is of some Late Romans or Roman-British that I've finished and added to already painted figures to create two units for Dux Bellorum or a single standard unit for Hail Caesar. The figures are mainly by Crusader Miniatures with LBM transfers. Hopefully I will be using these for Dux Brittaniarum, Dux Bellorum and Hail Caesar. The movement trays are by Dean Bedlington at Olympian Games.