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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Sea People - Pelset Warriors and Archers

Here are some rather rushed Sea People figures I've just finished painting. They are Pelset warriors and archers, a mix of figures by Wargames Foundry and Castaway Arts. The twelve figure unit sizes are for a Chariots Rampant force and a good way to get started painting and gaming with my Sea People army. See the post on Medinet Habu on this blog for photos of Sea People on Egyptian reliefs.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Victrix Spanish Caetrati

Here are two small units of Spanish Caetrati that I've just finished painting from the new Victrix plastic set, Unarmoured Iberian Warriors. Great figures to paint with really dynamic poses! You get forty figures in a box including, four armoured command figures, so I'll make up a standard unit of 24 figures, for a unit of Scutarii. I'm really looking forward to their Samnites.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Hittites versus New Kingdom Egyptians - Chariots Rampant Game

Hittites on the left, Egyptians on the right

Egyptians advance

Hittite chariots threaten the flanks but are shot to pieces

Egyptian chariots at archery practice

Hittites suffer from Egyptian firepower

On Sunday Bern, Gary, Garry and I met at the Vikings Club for a game of Chariots Rampant, the bronze age variant of Lion Rampant (see previous post for details). Both sides had two 24 point forces with Bern and Gary commanding the New Kingdom Egyptians, while Garry and I commanded the Hittites. We played the bloodbath scenario and the game was quite long but not too serious! In the end the superior firepower and resilience of the Egyptians proved to be too much for the Hittites who managed to stage a comeback of sorts once their spearmen closed with the Egyptian archers - it proved to be too little, too late. Thanks to Bern, Gary and Garry for a fun game. 

Egyptian right flank of spearmen and chariots 

Hittite infantry desperately try to close with the Egyptians

Hittite spearmen charge the Egyptian archers

Egyptian firepower and resilience wins the day

Monday, 7 March 2016

Chariots Rampant Game - Sumerians of Ur versus Lagash

View of the table

Other end

Armies of Ur (left) and Lagash (right) advance

Left flank of the army of Ur

Right flank of the army of Lagash

In Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy issue 82 there is an article, Chariots Rampant, by Pat Lowinger on ideas for adapting Dan Mersey's popular Medieval skirmish rules, Lion Rampant, to the bronze age. I was quite interested in this as I've really enjoyed the Lion Rampant games I've played and have quite a large collection of bronze age armies. We've organised a larger game with two 24 point forces, for a club game next Sunday, between Hittites and New Kingdom Egyptians.

I thought it would be good to try out the rules first in a solo test game. I used my Sumerians with the city of Ur versus Lagash, the forces were 24 point, fairly similar but Lagash had a Lullubi warband (fierce foot) and slingers rather than archers as skirmishers. Overall it seemed to play quite well, some units were brittle, while others like the Lullubi, were quite effective.

The Sumerian platform cars counted as light chariots but with reduced movement as they were quite slow and not very manouevrable. I used chariot runners as I haven't finished enough platform cars. Rereading the rules these count as six figures for casualties but at armour two instead of three as for the chariot models (each chariot counts as three models for casualties).

Chariot runners and platform cars charge in to contact

Ur's leader becomes battered

Royal Guard of Lagash are routed

Both sides have lost leaders - Lagash has half units remaining