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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Battle of Zela 47 BC - Command and Colors Ancients

Initial deployment - Pontics on the left, Romans on the right

Side view from the opposite end

View from the Roman lines

Pontic light cavalry retreat

Pontic heavy cavalry suffer casualties and retreat

Roman legionaries advance

Last Sunday Garry, Bern, Gary, Paul and I played a Command and Colors Ancients game down at the Vikings Club. The scenario was the Battle of Zela 47 BC with Pharnaces taking on Caesar. Garry and Bern were the Pontic commanders while Gary, Paul and I were the Romans, with Paul filling the big shoes of Caesar. This was a tough scenario for the Pontics to win as they only had four command cards to the Romans' six, and didn't have much luck with their cards anyway. In the end Caesar's Veni, Vedi, Vici tour wrapped up to predictable conclusion with a 7 to 4 victory banners result but it was actually quite close at one stage. Thanks to Garry, Bern, Gary and Paul for a fun game.

All the action is on the Roman right flank

Pontic cavalry advance on their right flank

Caesar's Veni, Vedi, Vici tour wraps up!

Roman light cavalry retreat

Pontic heavy cavalry are destroyed

Pontic heavy infantry are stranded


  1. Great looking game and figures! love the map/mat too Mike! - 5 inch hex sizes?


  2. Thanks Phil, yes it has 5 inch hexes and is a Hotz mat.

  3. Looks very nice, great looking units as usual!

  4. Very cool game again, Mike. Lovely figures, and I like the use of what appears to be sabot/trays.

    1. Thanks Dean, the movement trays and casualty markers certainly make the game faster to play.

  5. A very fine looking game Cyrus!