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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Battle of Montmirail - Command and Colors Napoleonics

View of the table from the French side

Side view

View from the Russian side

Close up shot of the Russians in the centre

Russian right flank

 French right flank

Last Wednesday night Rick and I met at the Vikings Club for a game of Command and Colors Napoleonics with his lovely 6mm French and Russians. The scenario was the Battle of Montmirail fought on 11 February 1814. Rick commanded the Russians while I commanded the French. It was a closely fought game with Russians overwhelming the French left flank. In the end the French were able to sneak a close 6 to 4 victory, mainly in the centre, rather than rolling up the Russian left flank as it happened in the actual battle. Thanks to Rick for a fun game.

French cuirassiers force Russian cavalry to retreat

Action in the centre

French Young Guard attack Russian Horse Artillery

Russians overwhelm the French on their left flank

The battle is decided in the centre

French steal a close victory


  1. the photos, figures and C&C games report Mike!...

    1. Thanks Phil, it was a fun game, the Russians were unlucky.

  2. Splendid pictures, this scale is really impressive!

    1. Thanks Phil, it is suprising how good the 6mm looks!

  3. That's a great looking game Cyrus!

  4. Great looking game and figures, Mike. I've recently down-sized my Napoleonic collection, but kept all my Victrix and Perrys :) Hope to have them on the table again someday.

  5. Thanks Dean, hope to see some game reports with your Napoleonics, you have a great collection. I have a heap of 28mm Peninsular War unpainted, hope to work on these for Sharp Practice 2.