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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Battle of Iuka 1862 - Black Powder ACW game

Confederate deployment

Union deployment

View from the Union side

Confederates hold their position

Union advance

Mower's Brigade arrives on the table

Action on the Union right flank

Last Sunday Craig, Gary, Bern and I met down at the Vikings Club for a Black Powder ACW game. The scenario was based on the Battle of Iuka 1862 in the new Black Powder supplement Glory Hallelujah! (pp. 136-137). Bern and Gary were the Confederate commanders with two brigades defending a road junction. Craig and I were the Union commanders with three brigades and our objective was to hold the road junction by the end of turn seven. Here are some photos of our game.

There was a bring and buy day at the club in the morning so we started our game after lunch. Despite rolling two blunders (one of which actually worked to my advantage) I had good luck most of the game. In the end despite stubborn and determined Confederate resistance, the superior Union numbers told and we were able to hold the road junction by the end of the game. Craig and Gary provided most of the lovely Perry ACW figures. Thanks to Craig, Bern and Gary for a fun game.

Union troops close in on the road junction

The fire fight intensifies

Confederates regiments become shaken

Union troops advance onto the road junction

Confederates can't stem the tide

Union regiments hold the road junction


  1. Iuka! Good looking game and handsome troops! A battle I have refought as well using Regimental Fire and Fury. My game was inconclusive but not yours!

  2. Thanks Jonathan, they were mainly Craig's troops. I'd like to give Regimental Fire and Fury a go, I have copy of the rules and one of the scenario books.

  3. What an amazing looking game Cyrus, fabulous layout.

  4. Looks fantastic Cyrus! Do give R F&F ago, great rules.

    1. Thanks Rodger, I have heard good things about them.

  5. Intense and beautiful looking game Cyrus, these lines of battle are very impressive!