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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Late Romans versus Goths - Dux Bellorum Game

Late Romans and Goths deployed on the table

Late Roman Noble Riders, Mounted Companions and Cataphracts

Late Roman Shieldwall, Ballista and Horse Archers

Goth forces

Both sides advance

Last Sunday afternoon I went over to Craig's place for a Dux Bellorum game. Here are a few photos of our Late Romans versus Goths game. We had thirty two point armies, Craig's Late Romans consisted of eight units - a Mounted Companions and Leader unit, Noble Riders, nasty Cataphracts, a Noble Shieldwall unit, two Ordinary Shieldwall units, a large Ballista and some allied Hun horse archers (Mounted Skirmishers). My Goths consisted of nine units - Mounted Companions and Leader, two Noble Rider units, Mounted Skirmishers (allied Alan horse archers) and five Ordinary Warriors.

The cavalry quickly charged into contact and after some initial success for the Goths, it settled into a prolonged melee where command points on both sides were spent on saves to minimise any potential losses. Craig's large Ballista was pretty handy, shooting a distance of six base widths, and destroying a unit of my Goth warriors before they could get in to contact. Eventually my impetuous Goth warriors charged the Roman shieldwall units and quickly bounced. They repeated their efforts in the subsequent turn but the tide had turned for the Romans. Both Mounted Companions and Leaders were destroyed in this turn but the Goths had suffered fifty percent casualties and a surviving warrior unit failed a morale test. The remaining Goths routed.  Thanks to Craig for a fun game.

The cavalry charge into combat 

Goths enjoy some initial success

Impetuous Goth warriors charge the Roman shieldwall

Goth warriors are slaughtered


  1. Not a good day to be a Goth warrior. Another great looking battle though.

    1. No it was not, seems to be the fate of many newly painted troops...

  2. Great looking game!

    Cheers, Ross