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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Indian Cavalry

Above are a few photos of an Indian cavalry unit I've just finished painting. The figures are by Old Glory. I may replace the shields at some stage with bell shaped shields from 1st Corps Miniatures. All my other 28mm cavalry are 1st Corps figures. Indian cavalry were low status troops but can still guard a flank! I have a 15mm Xyston Indian army as well, neither the 28mm or 15mm armies are anywhere near complete...

We have just got back from a holiday, bushwalking and camping in northern NSW, so I thought I'd include a few pics with this post.

Little Dandahra Creek, Gibraltar Range National Park

A dead gecko on the track

Dandahra Crags, Gibraltar Range National Park

A boulder below The Haystack, Washpool National Park

The Needles, Gibraltar Range National Park

A female Satin Bowerbird

Pandanus Palms, Woody Head

Fruit of the Pandanus

Angourie Walk, Yuraygir National Park

Petrified tree stumps, Plumbago Beach, Yuraygir

View south from Dirrigan Lookout, Yuraygir

A small snake warming itself in the winter sun

Ebor Falls


  1. The troops look wonderful and so do your holiday photos. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. A beautiful cavalry and wonderful holliday's pictures...great post, no doubt!

  3. Rugged and beautiful country! Same description applies to your Indian cavalry as well.

  4. Nice unit. I particularly like how you've done the quilted / padded armour. As others say, beautiful country, as well. Might have to put that area on the bucket list!


    1. Thanks Aaron, the Indians are slow to paint, all those chariots and elephants. There are so many great National Parks to visit, it is hard to choose...

  5. A fine looking regiment and some wonderful photography shots!