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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Republican Romans versus Spanish - ADLG Game

Romans on the left, Spanish on the right

View from the opposite end

Armies advance

Spanish cavalry charge the Roman and Italian cavalry

Skirmishers exchange fire

Last Sunday afternoon Craig came over to my place and we played another 100 point ADLG game, this time between Republican Romans and Ancient Spanish. Here are a few photos of our game. This was quite a fun, close game, the Roman commander was killed in a melee and while the Spanish became demoralised the Romans weren't far from it themselves. The 100 point reduced format of the game is good for a quick game and painting new armies this size (14 units a side) is very achievable target in a short time.

Spanish light cavalry

Show a good turn of speed retreating

Roman cavalry charge the Celtiberian Scutarii in the flank

The infantry close

Spanish become demoralised and rout


  1. Thanks Christopher, my Spanish didn't perform too badly on their first outing.

  2. You have been hitting the game table with steady frequency of late. Always good to see your troops out on the gaming table. Fourteen BMUs per side is just about optimal for a quick, yet efficient game. With only fourteen BMUs, what is your next army to hit the painting table?

  3. Thanks Jonathan, I find this a good size for a quick game. I'm working on some Indians, Samnites and Nubians in 28mm but have a few 15mm projects as well. I also want to paint up some 1/1200 ancient galleys for Poseidon's Warriors, the new Osprey ancient naval rules.

  4. What an epic encounter, wonderful game Cyrus.

  5. Looking good! How do you like the rules?


    1. Thanks Aaron, I quite like them but have only played four games so far. Combat seems to be mainly luck with your dice, there are only a few modifiers - still getting the hang of the rules.

    2. Cheers Mike. Will keep an eye on your blog, then!

  6. Great looking game and figures again, Mike.

  7. What a great looking your Spanish light cavalry!

    1. Thanks Phil, I have a few more cavalry units for my Spanish still to paint.