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Monday, 26 September 2016

A History of the World in 100 Objects from the British Museum - Part Two

Bronze mirror, Haguro San, Japan 1100-1200 CE

Moche pots, Peru 100-700 CE

Mayan altar, Copan, Honduras c.763-822 CE

Huastec goddess, Mexico 900-1521 CE

Aztec spirit, Mexico 1400-1521 CE

Inca gold llama, Peru 1400-1521 CE

Bell shrine of St Conall Cael, Inishkeel, Ireland 1400-1500 CE

Lewis chessmen, Isle of Lewis, Scotland 1150-1175 CE

Ife head, Ife, Nigeria 1100-1400 CE

Hebrew astrolabe probably from Spain 1345-1355 CE

Durer's Rhinoceros, Nuremberg, Germany 1515 CE

Pieces of eight from silver mined in Bolivia & Mexico 1598-1621 CE

Kakiemon elephant, Arita, Japan 1650-1700 CE

Ivory figure of Christ, Goa, India 1600-1700 CE

Miniature of a Mughal prince, India c.1610 CE

Benin plaque: The Oba with Europeans, Benin, Nigeria 1500-1600 CE

Fifty manillas found in Nigeria 16th-19th century

North American frock coat, Canada 1800-1900 CE

Hawaiian basketry helmet 1700-1800 CE

Sowei mask, Sherbro, Sierra Leone c.1880 CE

Fiel dos Santos' Mother, Maputo, Mozambique 2011


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Michael, absolutely amazing...

  2. Thanks for sharing these stunning pictures, love the Sowei mask, very impressive...

  3. Interesting stuff there Cyrus!

  4. Amazing collection. British Museum always on list on trip to London.

    1. Thanks Colin, my favourite part was all the Assyrian reliefs, on my one and only trip there.