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Sunday, 11 September 2016

Battle of Newmarket 1864 - Black Powder ACW Game

Confederates occupy fields and hill outside Newmarket

Wharton and Echols Brigades

1st Brigade and 2nd Cavalry Brigade

Withering Confederate fire disorders most of the Union forces

Union reinforcements arrive, not before time!

Last Sunday Craig, Garry, Bern, Gary and I met down at the Vikings Club in Lanyon to play two games. In the morning we played a quick game of L'Arte de La Guerre (ADLG) - see photos at the end of the post. In the afternoon we played a Black Powder ACW game using the scenario of the Battle of Newmarket 1864 from the Glory Hallelujah! supplement (pp. 164 - 169). Most of the lovely Perry figures belong to Craig and Gary. Above and below are photos of this game which the Confederates ending up winning fairly easily.

1st Cavalry Brigade under Tibbet sneaks around the woods

Imboden's and Tibbet's Brigades fight on the flank

Union Brigades advance

The remains of Wyncoop's Brigade finally retires

Confederates easily hold their lines and control Newmarket

Here are a few photos of the quick 100 point L'Arte de la Guerre (ADLG) game we played in the morning with Etruscans versus Samnites. The Etruscans won again! Thanks to Craig, Garry, Bern and Gary for the fun games.

Etruscans deployed

Samnites deployed

Side view of the table

Etruscan spearmen

More Etruscan spearmen

The armies close

Cavalry and skirmishers fight on both flanks

The infantry slog it out in the centre