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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Little Wars Canberra 2016 - Battle of Gabiene - Command and Colors Ancients

View of Antigonus' and Eumenes' armies

Eumenes' centre

Side view of the armies

Antigonus advances 

Pithon with Tarentine cavalry on Antigonus's left flank

Action in the centre

Here are some photos of our Command and Colors Ancients games of the Battle of Gabiene at Little Wars Canberra last weekend. We played two games with a 7-1 result to Antigonus in the morning and a 7-6 result to Eumenes in the afternoon. This was a really fun, relaxed day of gaming and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves with a wide range of participation games on offer (see photos below). Thanks to Leigh, Ian and Greg who organised everything and thanks to Garry, Rick, Gary, Paul and Bern for the fun games. I also bought some goodies from Nic at Eureka Miniatures with some Elamite Kallipani carts for my Neo-Babylonians and some figures from their lovely new Trojan War range.

The Argyraspides (Silver Shields)

Eumenes' elephants attack

Antigonus' son Demetrius commands the right flank

Cavalry combat on Antigonus' right flank

Cavalry and elephants - things get ugly!

Great card to play!

Eumenes' light troops keep evading

Action on Antigonus' right flank

Here are a few photos of some of the other games played at Little Wars Canberra.

Sharp Practice Retreat from Leipzig 1813

Sharp Practice Retreat from Leipzig 1813

China Quagmire 1937

Dark Ages Viking Raid

Into the Valley of Death 

Into the Valley of Death 

Deadman's Hand

WW 1 20mm game

Bolt Action 2nd Arnhem Assault

Punic Wars 54mm game


  1. What a splendid post! Love the Gabiene's battle photos, amazing units!
    And beautiful pictures, WW1 and Viking raid tables are so impressive...thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Phil, it was a fun day of gaming.

  2. Great report, lovely to see those elephants in action. The other games look pretty good too.

    1. Thanks Michael, there were some nice games.

  3. Great to see your CCA's figures in action!

    1. Thanks Jonathan, CCA is always fun, looking forward to the Command and Colors Medieval...

  4. Great overview of the days games!
    Thanks for posting.
    Love those Viking Longships...

    1. Thanks Captain, I think a guy in Melbourne scratch built them for Greg, there might be pics on his Land of Lead blog.

  5. It was a good day out and I still loved your table. Alas i ran out of time to play on this one but to your and Ric's credit i bought CaC ancients on the day for $50.00 woohoo

  6. Thanks Chris, it was a fun day. That's a bargain, so many great scenarios - hope to see some Punic Wars CCA action on your blog.

  7. Wow! Wonderful! I love this game (CCA)!

  8. Thanks Arek, GMT Games are doing Command and Colors Medieval next year too which will be good.

  9. Great looking game. Must pull out C&C again myself very soon. Also wanted to say thanks for your Abe Books tip - it resulted in two most happy acquisitions!


    1. Thanks Aaron, I'm really looking forward to the release of Command and Colors Medieval next year. The first set covers the Justinian Wars of the sixth century. No worries, Abebooks is great for second hand and out of print books.